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IVF Fertility treatment program – where to start?

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Ivf in Lahore

Do you know that infertility is curable?

Sometimes parental happiness becomes an unattainable dream: chronic diseases, pathologies, infertility, miscarriage and miscarriages take away the last hope. IVF (in vitro fertilization) – artificial insemination of the egg, is the way to the cherished dream for millions of people across the country – the birth of a baby.

ivf in lahore is one of the most effective in the fight against infertility. It lends itself to almost any form of female and male infertility. Modern assisted reproductive technologies (ART) can offer a course of infertility treatment even in cases where it would seem procreation is impossible.

Clinic of Reproductive Technologies Art-Eco – has already helped to give birth to 9621 children. Our fertility specialists will do everything possible so that you can pick up your child as soon as possible. The average pregnancy rate after IVF in our clinic is about 70%.

Draw your attention to it! Children born after IVF are no different from children born after natural conception.

Many women ask themselves the question: where to start infertility treatment?

The answer is simple – choose a reproductive health clinic and a reproductologist. After one or more appointments, the doctor, based on the results of tests and examinations, will refute or confirm the diagnosis of infertility.

You will be assigned a program to treat identified diseases in the first case. Having completed the course, you are likely to be able to get pregnant without the help of specialists.

If the results of examinations confirmed the diagnosis with which you came to the clinic, the doctor would draw up an individual program for treating infertility. The IVF procedure may also be included in it.

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Indications for the in vitro fertilization (IVF) procedure are female and male infertility of various origins.

  • Gynaecological diseases that prevent the usual onset of pregnancy
  • Obstruction or absence of the fallopian tubes (congenital or acquired)
  • Absence or organic changes in the uterus, not amenable to treatment
  • Absence of ovaries or insufficiency of their function
  • Sexual dysfunction preventing pregnancy
  • Sperm pathology, azoospermia
  • Previously diagnosed infertility in a couple for 12 months or more
  • Hereditary diseases that require preimplantation genetic testing (PGT).
  • If a married couple or an unmarried woman has no contraindications for artificial insemination, the patient is advised to turn to the IVF procedure.

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