Janelle Brown to Christine: Slow Down! I Don’t Approve of Your New Relationship!



Best friends.

But not forever?

According to an insider who allegedly knows Janelle Brown and Christine Brown well, the Sisters Wives stars are going through a rough patch in their relationship.

And it’s all due to Christine having established a very close relationship with David Woolley.

Woolley, of course, is Christine’s new boyfriend.

The couple started dating in December, but it hasn’t taken long for the mother of six to become VERY smitten.

“I finally found the love of my life,” Christine wrote on Instagram of David, adding:

“He’s wonderful and kind, incredible with my children and an adorable grandpa. I never dreamed I could find a love like this. #blessed #soulmate #feelinggood #lovemylife #partner.”

“I’m just along for the ride.” That’s what David Woolley wrote as a caption to this photo of himself and Christine Brown.

Christine split from spiritual spouse Kody way back in November 2021, meaning it took her over a year to officially move on.

Doesn’t seem all that crazy or all that fast — but try telling that to Janelle!

“There’s some distance between Janelle and Christine at the moment,” a source just told The Sun.

“Janelle doesn’t approve of her new relationship,” a source told The U.S. Sun. She thinks it’s too much too soon.”

Say hello to Christine Brown’s boyfriend, David Woolley! Well done, you!

It doesn’t sound as if Janelle has a problem with Woolley on a personal level; it’s more…

“[Janelle is] more old-fashioned. She also doesn’t agree that it should’ve been so public so quickly. She’s not about it.”

The Sun also claims that Janelle is “upset” that Christine is “spending all the time with him” and “they’re not so close as they were before they started dating.”

Some of Christine’s loved ones? Including Janelle?

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They’re supposedly “having a hard time trusting him,” and some believe he’s “not in it for the right reasons,” the insider continued.

Christine and David went Instagram official on Valentine’s Day.

The latest season of Sister Wives took viewers behind the scenes of her decision to break up with Kody, so the entire ordeal may seem fresh.

As cited above, though, Christine walked away from this unhealthy marriage in late 2021.

She subsequently remained very tight with Janelle (the two work together for a shady company), the latter of whom also went ahead a few months ago and ended her romance with Kody.

There’s even been talk that Christine and Janelle may star in a Sister Wives spinoff.

“They are working on it, that’s for sure. It’s in serious talks and development,” a separate source previously told The Sun of Christine and Janelle getting their own series.

“The spinoff would be focused on their life with their families, moving on from Kody, dating, and their businesses.”

We sure hope this report isn’t accurate and that Janelle and Christine are on great terms.

Why? Because we’d totally tune in for this spinoff!



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