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Warning: SPOILERS ahead for The Winchesters season 1 finale.The Winchesters star Jensen Ackles opens up about how weird he felt while filming for the Supernatural spinoff series. Ackles portrayed Dean Winchester from the beginning all the way through Supernatural season 15 before reprising his role on The Winchesters. While The Winchesters was initially presented as a prequel to The CW’s hit fantasy drama, it soon became clear that, with Dean added to the mix, the series would be toying with the Supernatural universe in unexpected ways.


Speaking with Entertainment Weekly, Ackles reveals how strange it felt to be back in the role of Dean for The Winchesters. He explains that, while it took some getting used to, his love for Dean as a character helped make the experience regain a level of familiarity. Check out Ackles’ full statement below:

It was a mixed bag. It’s weird because we’re in a different city, filming with a different crew. I’m working with different actors. Having Jim there and having Calvert there, it was almost like we were brought in from another team to come and show these new recruits how to play baseball. [Laughs] Like we weren’t on our home turf. But it was a position that we were all very comfortable with jumping into and, how could you not be with playing those characters as long as we all have? It was like Dean was on location.

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How Dean’s Role In The Winchesters Could Continue In Season 2

Jensen Ackles as Dean Winchester in The Winchesters

Ackles’ comments indicate how, despite how weird he felt as Dean on The Winchesters, he still had a good time returning as the beloved Supernatural protagonist. His role also proved important to the show’s story, as season 1, episode 13 revealed that The Winchesters takes place in a different universe than Supernatural. While Dean is from the flagship series, he traveled to the world of The Winchesters to keep the Sam in his world safe from the threat of the Akrida, who could have traveled to the main Supernatural world.

Dean seemingly ends his journey on The Winchesters by giving John and Mary his journal and the Colt, warning them of the demon Azazel, who kills Mary in Supernatural. By giving alternate versions of his parents the Colt and a warning about Azazel, Dean may have prevented these versions of his parents from succumbing to the same fate as they did in Supernatural. However, given how far Dean has gone to protect their universe, it’s possible that he will stick around to ensure nothing untoward happens to them.

While The Winchesters hasn’t been renewed for season 2 yet, if the series does continue, it’s possible that Dean will want to make sure his original world isn’t threatened by anything else from this new world in the Supernatural universe. To do this, he may return as a guide for John and Mary should they run into any more paranormal troubles in the future. It’s unclear if Dean will return in The Winchesters, but Ackles getting back into playing him lays the groundwork for another reprisal in the future.

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