Jeymi Accuses Kris of Calling Her Only Three Times in THREE MONTH Stay in Alabama



Marriage doesn’t always mean happily ever after. There’s a whole spinoff about that.

90 Day Fiance: The Other Way viewers watched the beautiful moment when Kris Foster and Jeymi Noguera married.

But Kris soon had to return to Alabama, leaving fans to wonder if she’ll ever return to Colombia. Jeymi wonders, too.

As we can see here, Jeymi accuses Kris of only calling her three times in three months. But that’s only one side of the story. …

In People‘s sneak peek clip, “newlyweds” Kris Foster and Jeymi Noguera are having a very tense video call.

We put “newlyweds” in quotes because this conversation goes down several months after they married.

Kris had to return to Alabama to take care of some things. She had hoped to only be there for two weeks. As she explains to the camera, it ended up lasting three months … with no end in sight.

Initially, Kris had to extend her trip due to medical issues. In this preview clip of Season 4, Episode 11, she did not go into detail.

However, Kris explained — to the camera and then to her wife — that she had to extend the trip for another reason.

She and Jeymi were running out of money. Maybe not immediately, but clearly their nest egg would not last forever. So, Kris has been working in Alabama. There, she can actually work (unlike in Colombia) to earn money to support their life together.

So Kris has been doing odd jobs — in some cases, simply taking paid gigs around the neighborhood — to raise funds.

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“I don’t enjoy this at all,” Kris tells a clearly distraught Jeymi during their chat. “I want to be there.” But she cannot legally work in Colombia yet, even if she had a job lined up.

And, as Kris explains to the camera, Jeymi is no longer working. Jeymi took time off when Kris moved there, then quit to begin a new job search … but Kris fears that Jeymi’s search has slowed to a crawl. So, she feels like it’s all on her to support their family.

Kris may feel that she has to shoulder the burden of being their sole breadwinner. But Jeymi’s focus is elsewhere.

She repeatedly tells Kris that she doesn’t care about the money. And it’s clear that she feels that Kris is prioritizing money over their marriage.

Jeymi feels that Kris has been emotionally neglecting her.

“I don’t care [about] money,” Jeymi tearfully tells her.

“I need support from my wife. You called me three times,” she accuses, referring to — seemingly — the entire three-month duration.

But Kris grows angry, saying: “That’s a lie.” Jeymi fires back: “Look at your cell phone, Kris. No lie.”

Kris then expands upon the various “odd jobs” that she has been working — so that she can send money to Jeymi.

She explains that she doesn’t have her phone on or on her while she’s working. Many people mute or even turn off a phone (to conserve the battery) when focused on work.

“You no call me never,” Jeymi expresses, clearly hurt. “It’s the first time [I’ve] looked at you in one month.”

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