John Winchester Could Have Easily Stopped Dean’s Supernatural Death



Dean Winchester’s death in Supernatural is made even more disappointing by knowing how easily his father could have prevented it. The Supernatural series finale proved divisive for many reasons, but the death of Dean Winchester was one of the biggest points of contention. After fending off God himself, Jensen Ackles’ character succumbed to a vampire during a routine hunt alongside brother Sam. Although Dean was then shown roaming around Heaven in his beloved Impala and drinking beer with Bobby, not even that warm afterlife ale could wash away the bitter taste of an anti-climactic death.


Although Dean Winchester was impaled by an unnamed vampire, the villain did have a preexisting connection to Supernatural. The vamp in question belonged to a nest led by Jenny, who first appeared way back in Supernatural season 1, episode 20, “Dead Man’s Blood.” Initially held captive by Luther’s vampire group, Jenny was turned into a bloodsucker herself, but ultimately survived the episode. Evidently, she also survived the next 14 seasons, becoming a respected vampire, leading her own nest, and eventually being responsible for taking the life of a legendary hunter even the Devil failed to kill.

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Why Dean’s Death In Supernatural Is John Winchester’s Fault

Weirdly, John Winchester had the perfect opportunity to kill Jenny in Supernatural season 1, but let the moment pass, thus condemning his son to death some 15 years later. “Dead Man’s Blood” ended with Sam, Dean and John killing Luther and much of his nest. Jenny was one of the final survivors, but rather than finishing the job, the Winchester brothers and John let her leave alongside fellow vamp Kate. Any of the three hunters could have pursued the pair, but John had the clearest opportunity, since he was holding the Colt at the time.

Had John taken the shot and finished the job, Jenny would not have survived to raise a new nest, and Dean would have survived in Supernatural season 15. Famed for his ruthlessness, it certainly feels odd that John would intentionally let two vampires run free, and the look on his face as Jenny and Kate fled suggests this was a power play. John maybe hoped word of the Winchesters’ hunting prowess would spread fear among other vampire nests. Nevertheless, John and his sons had Jenny outnumbered and, quite literally, outgunned in Supernatural season 1, and the strange decision not to kill her sealed Dean’s fate.

John’s Failure Makes Dean’s Supernatural Death More Meaningful

Dean Winchester death in Supernatural

Supernatural‘s Dean Winchester death was so disappointing because it lacked relevance to the main plot. God had already been defeated, the world had already been saved, and for Dean to die in such meaningless fashion at the hands of a no-name monster could easily be seen as an unsatisfying conclusion to his journey. The connection to John, however, adds at least a little emotional resonance to Dean’s death in the Supernatural finale.

John forced his sons into the hunting business and raised them to become soldiers, throwing them into a hidden war against the paranormal. As Supernatural progressed, Sam and Dean gradually became wise to how badly their father failed them. As such, it seems appropriate that an egotistical and arrogant mistake John Winchester made in Supernatural season 1 would later be responsible for the death of his eldest son. A vampire may have dealt the final blow, but true responsibility for Dean’s death lies with John for not killing Jenny when he had the chance, which represents how John doomed his son by making him a hunter in the first place.

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