Josh Duggar is an Arrogant A$$ and a Slob Who is Despised by Fellow Inmates: Report



This not exactly just in:

Josh Duggar is apparently a self-centered jerk with no people skills of any kind.

As cited at the outset, this description likely doesn’t come as a major surprise to anyone remotely familiar with the convicted father of seven.

However, a new report details exactly how and why Josh is allegedly disliked by his fellow inmates inside of a federal prison in Texas.

Josh and Anna Duggar in happier times. (Photo via Instagram)

Earlier this week, Katie Joy from the Facebook and YouTube account Without a Crystal Ball published a photo of Duggar that was reportedly taken by the loved one of someone else doing time at the same prison.

In the snapshot (below), we can see that the former reality star is sporting a short hairdo and appears to be clean-shaven, which is different from what he looked like when he was last seen in public.

That public appearance, of course, took place at a hearing in May of last year when Duggar was sentenced to 12.5 years in prison for downloading graphic photos of young boys and girls.

After getting caught with a cell phone behind bars, Duggar’s sentencing was extended by multiple months last week.

Joy, meanwhile, wrote along with this picture that — per the aforementioned insider — Josh is seen as “arrogant” and rude” by the other inmates.

He “frequently reminds people that he’s a celebrity,” the source adds.

Which is both unsurprising and hilarious.

What kind of celebrity, exactly, does Josh Duggar think he is???

Josh Duggar smiles in one of his many, many mug shots.

“This photo is after Josh cut his hair and shaved his beard that made him ‘look sloppy’ which other inmates don’t like,” Katie Joy also wrote.

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“Being clean and having good hygiene, regular shaving is standard in the units.

“All inmates are expected to keep their areas clean, and Josh has ruffled feathers for being a slob.”

Previously, this same blogger broke an apparent bombshell, claiming that Duggar recently kissed a male visitor and is seriously looked down upon by pretty much anyone who has come into contact with him.

Josh’s arrest marked the beginning of the end of the Duggar’s media empire.

“Josh is a pervert, nasty, and he will do whatever to get his needs met,” a source told Joy, alleging that Duggar is also romantically involved with a transgender inmate.

Based on what this individual has stated, Josh acts very “crass” behind bars and cracks “perverse jokes about sex and women” that continually “creep out” anyone in his vicinity.

The number of those people will soon increase as well — because Duggar has been released from solitary confinement.

big josh
Josh Duggar won’t be taking any selfies for a very, very long time. (Photo via Instagram)

So, yes, Josh is back among general population.

But he cannot have visitors for 180 days and will not have access to any telephones, meaning he won’t have any contact with wife Anna during this period.

Additionally, Duggar isn’t allowed to have any commissary for the same length of time.

His release date is also listed as October 2032 after a judge decreed it to be August 2032 at last year’s court hearing.

Josh and his legal team are in the middle of appealing the December 2021 conviction, but have no concerns: We can’t find any reason to think this appeal will be successful.


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