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Earlier this year, Square Enix held a 20th anniversary celebration event for the Kingdom Hearts franchise where the publisher announced multiple games. In addition to Kingdom Hearts 4, a new mobile game in the series in the form of KINGDOM HEARTS Missing-Link was announced. The announcement confirmed that KINGDOM HEARTS Missing-Link has a real world component where players can fight agains the Heartless from Kingdom Hearts across a new original story. It was supposed to have a closed beta this year, plans changed. Today, Square Enix announced a prototype test for KINGDOM HEARTS Missing-Link in Japan. This is not a traditional closed beta, but a small scale test for a few functions. This test is planned for January 13th to January 18th.

Square Enix also revealed new artwork for KINGDOM HEARTS Missing-Link as shown above and in the announcement Tweet for this prototype test. The prototype test is limited to 1,000 users and is only for Japan. Sign-ups are live here on the official website. Hopefully Square Enix announces a closed beta or another test that applicants outside Japan can work with in the near future. Until we learn more about KINGDOM HEARTS Missing-Link, you can download KINGDOM HEARTS Union X DARK ROAD on the App Store for iOS here and Google Play for Android here. What do you think of the 20th anniversary celebration announcements and what would you like to see in KINGDOM HEARTS Missing-Link?

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