Little Fish is opening in Southold



A brand new restaurant is coming to North Fork. Little Fish is slated to open at Kenney’s Beach in Southold in April.

The restaurant is the latest venture from the team behind Montauk’s 688 The Gig Shack. Specializing in coastal cuisine, Little Fish offers an open, airy and naturally lit space that will feature live music and plenty of beach vibes.

“Little Fish is a place where you can meet your friends for a drink, to enjoy live music and get an excellent bite of food,” owner Arden Gardell said in a statement.

In a space that was once home to Elbow East, Little Fish brings in a bit of the Mediterranean, Caribbean and northeast coast to its summer vibe.

“You want to come to Little Fish to escape the hustle and bustle of dining in downtown Greenport,” Gardell said. “Despite all the hurdles, Little Fish coming to Kenney’s Beach has been a dream come true. We couldn’t be more excited to welcome guests into our beach oasis”

Chef Ryan Barth-Dwyer, a North Fork local and DJ, joins the team from Kontiki and Gallery Café in Greenport. Ryan’s love for cooking began at an early age in the kitchen with his mother and most of his culinary inspiration comes from Turkish cuisine. With a focus on sustainability and fresh ingredients, Barth-Dwyer incorporates in all of his dishes the bounty of the North Fork, from sea to land, including local seafood, vegetables and herbs.

The menu will also include some favorites from the 668 The Gig Shack, including tuna taquitos and Caesar salad

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Located at 50 N Sea Drive, the restaurant will serve lunch and dinner Thursday through Sunday, from 12-5 p.m. in the spring. Summer hours are to be determined.



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