Lottie’s Queen Of Hearts Vision In Yellowjackets Explained



WARNING: The following contains SPOILERS for Yellowjackets season 2, episode 4.

Yellowjackets season 2 sees another strange vision from Lottie while she is looking at her gratitude cards: a Queen of Hearts with its eyes scratched out — which has a lot of potential meaning for the show. The source of Lottie’s visions, either being a symptom of her early onset schizophrenia or proof of her supernatural power, has been one of the more debated Yellowjackets plot threads. It wasn’t revealed until recently that adult Lottie believes they are a product of the former when she goes to visit her psychiatrist and requests her medication dose increased, as she is dealing with these visions again and fears what it did to her in the past.


In the past Yellowjackets timeline, Lottie has accepted that her visions are a gift of the metaphysical, thanks to coercion from Laura Lee and a fair few strange events that have proved her mind’s eye correct. Even if adult Lottie doesn’t believe that her visions have meaning, some of her actions suggest otherwise. Her latest sees her read gratitude cards when she encounters a Queen of Hearts card with the eyes scratched out. She tries to shake it off, but then sees it again. This prompts her to go to an altar on the compound and cut her hand open as she lets her blood fall to the ground.

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Yellowjackets’ Queen Of Hearts Connects To Lottie’s Cannibalistic Past

Yellowjackets Lottie Is The Antler Queen Theory

With Lottie’s bee speech and bee vision in mind from the previous episode, it’s clear that she believes herself to be the proverbial “queen” of both her past and present hive, and the hearts themselves could be a literal interpretation of her connection to her cannibal past. Therefore, Lottie is the Queen of Hearts. While Shauna is really the first girl to indulge in the taboo act of cannibalism by eating Jackie’s ear, Lottie will eventually be the one that leads the group into the ritualized hunting and consumption that was seen in Yellowjackets season 1, episode 1.

Lottie’s Queen of Hearts vision is reminding her of her past as the literal queen of the group, who is eventually responsible for the harrowing acts committed in the Canadian wilderness. This is made clear by how troubled and emotional she becomes after the vision doesn’t go away. It’s her first vision that prompts immediate action, as she goes to make a blood sacrifice afterward, pleading that it may be enough. The action is mirrored earlier in the episode by her teen counterpart when she is trying to find food before Natalie in their established competition. However, Lottie’s blood sacrifice could also point to “the wilderness'” influence on her vision.

How Lottie’s Queen Of Hearts Vision Connects To The WildernessLottie as the antler queen in Yellowjackets

Since adult Travis claimed that the wilderness is coming back to haunt the survivors, Lottie’s Queen of Hearts vision could be the wilderness’ way of requesting that she resume her previous role of antler queen and continue in her horrific actions of the past. Adult Lottie in Yellowjackets revealed a lot more than was said when she went to her psychiatrist. She clearly blames her past visions for the trajectory that the girls found themselves on in 1996, and wants to do everything in her power to make sure that it doesn’t happen again with her new tribe of followers, now that she feels she is “helping people.”

Her blood sacrifice after the vision is further proof that the wilderness could be coming back to her and demanding she retakes her bloody throne. There’s no other explanation as to why she would give blood, and ask that it be enough, if the demons of the past weren’t coming back to haunt her for a sacrifice of some sort. Adult Lottie clearly wants to steer clear of her past indiscretions by making sure that she’s properly medicated, but if the true culprit of her afflictions is actually the mysterious wilderness in Yellowjackets, she may be helpless to stop her transformation into her past self.


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