Maci Bookout Breaks Silence on Ryan Edwards Arrest, Makes Troubling Reference to “Darkness”



Maci Bookout appears to have something to say about the latest saga involving her ex-boyfriend.

As Teen Mom fans likely know by now, Ryan Edwards was arrested on April 7… for the third time in two months.

In this latest disturbing case, Edwards was charged with DUI and possession of a controlled substance… but only after police found him unconscious and unresponsive inside of his running truck.

Edwards remains behind bars in Tennessee as we write this.

Maci Bookout shares son Bentley with Ryan Edwards, who has next to no contact with his child.

Edwards rose to small screen fan on the MTV reality show 16 and Pregnant, way back in 2009 when he was dating Bookout.

The former lovers share 14-year old son Bentley, although Edwards has next to no contact these days with the child.

On Monday, Bookout shared the above photo of herself and Bentley on Instagram, opening her affiliated caption as follows:

“That’s all I know so far.”

This is another Ryan Edwards mug shot. We’ve lost track how many it’s been now for him.

Bookout never cited Edwards by name, but she continued:

“I wish someone would have told me that this darkness comes and goes. People will pretend, but my boy, nobody knows.

“And even I can’t teach you how to fly, but I can show you how to live like your life is on the line.”

We’re not sure from where Maci took these profound words, but it’s hard not to imagine they were penned in response to the serious personal and legal trouble in which her ex finds himself.

Ryan Edwards, Maci Bookout Throwback
Ryan Edwards is several years older than Maci Bookout. And while that’s not an issue now, it could have been when he got her pregnant at the age of 16.

According to a legal affidavit, Edwards seemed to have overdose on drugs of some kind prior to his arrest last week.

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“Ryan Edwards was removed from the vehicle and placed in [an ambulance], where he received Narcan and eventually regained consciousness,” the affidavit read.

“A quick search of Ryan Edwards by EMS turned up a small bag of what appeared to be a crystal-type substance and a second small bag of what appeared to be a blue powder.

“Also in the pocket was a paper receipt that had been rolled up.”

Ryan and Mackenzie in happier times. (Photo via Instagram)

After being rushed to the hospital, Edwards reportedly refused to take a blood test and told authorities that he “snorted a powder before waking up in the back of an ambulance.”

The reality star is in the middle of divorce proceedings after the mother of his two youngest children, Mackenzie Standifer, filed papers in March.

She did so in the wake of Edwards being arrested for stalking her and allegedly threatening her life.

“If you guys have never seen a spineless sh-t this is one,” Ryan wrote two months ago along with the topless images of his estranged spouse, adding:

“They take your money sleep with anything that looks at them. But they must have a wife to [sic]. God what a joke. It’s sad really.”

Mackenzie and Ryan Edwards Together
Mackenzie and Ryan Edwards look cute and cozy in this photo of the couple together. (Photo via Instagram)

On March 1, Edwards was also arrested for stalking after her broke the terms of a protective order and contacted Mackenzie via text message.

She filed for divorce a short time later and was granted a restraining order and given temporary custody of their son, Jagger, 4, and daughter, Stella, 3.

Mackenzie also claimed to police in February that her spouse once threw her down a hallway, held her up by her neck to the wall and put a pocket knife to her back as if he were going to “kill” her.

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A judge ordered Edwards to wear a GPS monitor and refrain from posting about Mackenzie on social media last month in response, while also handing out a suspended sentence of 11 months and 29 days.

Now that he’s broken the terms of the probation that made this sentence suspended, though?

We can’t imagine Ryan Edwards goes free any time soon.


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