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Top Gun: Maverick star Glen Powell is getting closer to starring in Twisters, a legacy sequel to the 1996 disaster film Twister. Powell garnered significant praise for his role as Hangman in Top Gun: Maverick, becoming a standout actor in the movie. Since then, Powell has taken on multiple upcoming roles, including an untitled rom-com alongside Euphoria star Sydney Sweeney.

According to Variety, Powell is now in talks to star in Twisters, a follow-up to 1996’s Twister. He would star opposite Daisy Edgar-Jones, who was cast in the lead role for the film back in March. Twisters has its release slated for July 19, 2024, meaning production is likely to begin sometime in the near future.


Everything We Know About Twisters

Twister Sequel Update

Powell’s addition to the crew involved with Twisters would help round out the cast while adding even more talent to the film. Edgar-Jones is best known for her role in mystery drama Where the Crawdads Sing, as well as the true crime miniseries Under the Banner of Heaven. Behind the scenes will be director Lee Issac Chung, best known for his award-winning 2020 semi-autobiographical drama Minari.

Powell is the perfect choice to star opposite Edgar-Jones because of his experience in Top Gun: Maverick, with the action in the film possibly preparing him for Twisters and its inevitable disaster focus. His popularity because of his role as Hangman is also a reflection of his rising stardom, which will help boost interest in Twisters overall. With Powell’s ability to play an arrogant rival, it’s possible he and Edgar-Jones’ character will butt heads somehow in the film.

It’s also likely the pair will fill similar roles to Helen Hunt and Bill Paxton’s characters in the original Twister. If their character dynamic is recreated with Edgar-Jones and Powell, then it’s possible the pair could be estranged from one another at first, but are drawn together by the events of the movie. With Powell likely joining the cast, Twisters is shaping up to be a dedicated yet different-feeling sequel to the original film.

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