Methods for Fixing the Corrupted Profile of Outlook


Different users may create different profiles in Outlook. The profiles may contain different email accounts, different settings, configurations, and other user information. With the help of Microsoft Outlook, this information may be accessed even when the user is offline. When the personal file folder is damaged, the Outlook profile of the PST may also get corrupted.

Here comes the need of repairing the corrupted profile of Outlook. Following are the methods which need to be applied for the repairing process for all the major versions of Outlook.

Method 1: Repair Outlook 2007 Manually

When you notice the corrupted Outlook in the 2007 version, you don’t need to call the experts. Here are the steps by which you can manually repair the Outlook 2007 version.

  • Go to the ‘Tools’ option and select ‘Account Settings from that option under the Tools section
  • Then a Window pop-up appears which shows the ‘Account Settings’. From the account settings, you should select ‘Email’ and then select the particular profile that needs a repair
  • You should follow all the instructions thereafter until the profile gets repaired
  • For syncing with all the new changes, you will have to restart your Outlook profile

Method 2: Repair Corrupt Outlook Profile 2010, 2013, and 2016 Manually

The steps for manually repairing Outlook 2010, Outlook 2013, and Outlook 2016 are almost the same as mentioned above.

  • After launching Outlook, you should select ‘File’
  • From the drop-down, you should select ‘Account Settings’
  • You should go to the Email button and select the outlook profile that needs a repair and select Repair.
  • You should fill in all the login details and select the next button
  • The repair process of Outlook will take place as you wait for a while
  • As you notice that the repair process is over, you should select the ‘Finish’ option
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Method 3: Repair Outlook Profile with Inbox Repair Tool

Microsoft provides an inbox repair tool that is inbuilt and created for fixing the issues that are associated with the personal file folder. You should use SCANPST.exe for repairing the corrupted Outlook with the inbox repair tool. Here are the steps for the repair process

  • You should go and click on ‘Start’ and type ‘Scanpst.exe’ in the Search field.
  • Choose the ‘Browse’ option that will help in choosing the default PST file. You may find the PST file in the folder path Documents\Outlook Files’ for Outlook 2010, 2013, and 2016.

You may already have created Outlook versions in the previous files within the computer. The files may be hidden in any of the folder paths.

  • C\Users\userAppData\Local\Microsoft\Outlook on Windows Vista, 8, and 7
  • C\Documents and Settings\user\local settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook on Windows XP

Method 4: Repair with the Professional Tool

Manual methods will not be sufficient if you have major issues within the Outlook profile and the PST files. The Advanced professional tools will be a better option in this case. Any size of PST files will be recovered by restructuring them into any size with its powerful scan feature. For both the existing and new Outlook profiles, the data may include deleted messages, contacts, calendars, and even deleted emails. For using the professional tool, you need to follow the following steps.

Step 1: Add Corrupt File

You should select the file that needs a repair and add the .pst file.

Step 2: Repair the File

When you click on the repair button, the software will automatically start the repair process. If your file is large, the process may take longer time. If you require a pause, you should click on the ‘Stop’ button.

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Step 3: Preview and Save File

For checking the content that will be displayed, you should click on the preview button and the preview window will open up. If you want to download it, you should click on the Save button.

Method 5: Common Error Messages of the Damaged Outlook Profile

Following are the common error messages that you may encounter while corrupting the Outlook profile.

Error 1: Cannot Start MS Outlook

This error message is very common and may appear due to several reasons

  1. When the Outlook file intentionally or accidentally gets deleted, you may get this particular message.
  2. When you try starting Outlook within the ‘Compatibility mode’, it may get stuck and refuse to open up.
  3. If the volume of the settings file or the navigation pane becomes 0 kb, the file has been corrupted and is unable to start. This may happen when the navigation pane ‘profilename.xml’ is corrupted.

Error 2: Outlook Not Responding

If your Outlook profile is corrupted, you may even get this particular message that Outlook is not responding. It may occur when Outlook gets abruptly stuck between the pages or gets hung in the middle of some work. This message will occur specifically for the following cases.

  1. The PST file is corrupted itself
  2. Your mailbox has exceeded its storage capacity
  3. The user profile of Outlook has damaged or corrupt
  4. Even if Outlook is open, you may have tried another command

Common Methods of Repairing the Outlook in All Versions

Outlook settings and configurations may lead to problems like disconnection of emails within the Outlook application, or arising of some error messages. The source of corruption of the files may be different due to faulty add-ons, viruses, and many others. Initially, you should try solving the issues manually by running in safe mode. If the problems persist, you should call a professional expert or may use professional software for repairing the Outlook profile of any version.

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After going through all the solutions, you should be confident enough and will not worry even if the PST files are corrupted. Initially, you should try manually and if the issues are major you should immediately shift to the inbuilt tools or the paid software for repairing the corrupted profile of Outlook. Make sure you are aware of all the steps of repairing while you try your hands on the manual repair.

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