Nany Gonzalez & Kaycee Clark Are Taking A Break From The Challenge



Nany Gonzalez and Kaycee Clark have officially announced their plans to take a break from The Challenge. Although both women said they have plans to return in the future, they opened up about taking a temporary hiatus. Nany’s latest season was The Challenge: Ride or Dies, where she was partnered with 7-time winner of The Challenge Johnny Bananas. Kaycee also competed on Ride or Dies, and then went on to compete in the currently airing season, The Challenge: World Championship, alongside partner Ben Driebergen.


Nany and Kaycee first met on The Challenge: Total Madness, where Kaycee competed as a rookie after winning Big Brother season 20. The two immediately hit it off, and their friendship eventually morphed into a relationship. For several seasons, Nany and Kaycee competed on The Challenge together, looking out for each other in the game whenever possible. Considering the couple met on The Challenge, it’s no surprise that they would both want to find success on the show and try to help each other secure a win. Finally, on The Challenge: Spies, Lies, and Allies, Kaycee got her first win after facing Nany in a heartbreaking elimination.

Nany & Kaycee Need Time To Themselves After The Challenge

In a Reddit thread started by user u/8dafoe, a clip from Kaycee’s Instagram Live was posted, where the two discussed taking a break from The Challenge to focus on their personal lives. In the clip, Nany firmly said, “We’re taking a break from the show for a little bit…guys, I love you, but your girl–I’ve hit my max.” Kaycee agreed, confirming her similar plans, saying, “We need a break.” The news comes after Kaycee’s appearance in the last 5 seasons in a row. Nany, although absent from The Challenge: World Championship, competed in 6 consecutive seasons before wrapping up with Ride or Dies.

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Nany & Kaycee Have Long Histories On The Challenge

Kaycee & Nany The Challenge

Competing on The Challenge for so many seasons leaves less personal time for the competitors to focus on their personal lives, so Kaycee and Nany’s break is likely much-needed. The two have opened up on the show about wanting to start a family together. Nany has plans to marry Kaycee, and they’ve both spoken about wanting to adopt a child. Having time away from The Challenge will help them work toward these goals, following in the footsteps of couples like Kam Williams and Leroy Garrett, who have taken breaks to raise their child.

Ride or Dies was an especially disappointing season for Nany, who was hoping for her first win after 12 seasons. Although she and Bananas made it to the grueling 100-hour final, Nany ultimately lost the title to Tori Deal and Devin Walker after a puzzle mishap. On the live stream, Nany commented, “I did 6 seasons. I think 6 is my max…I’m just relaxing. Enjoying life. We have a new house, a new home, I love it.” Following the let-down of Ride or Dies, it’s reassuring to see Nany feeling comfortable and happy in her personal life and deciding to take a break from The Challenge.

Source: Kaycee Clark/Instagram, u/8dafoe/Reddit


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