Nathan Griffith’s Girlfriend Receives Restraining Order Following Teen Mom Star’s Arrest For Domestic Battery



Last week, we reported on the news that Nathan Griffith had been arrested on domestic battery charges.

And as with just about every story involving Nathan, the more we learned about the situation, the more horrifying it became.

It seems that Nathan has been accused of strangling his girlfriend so violently that police reported visible bruising on her neck just minutes after the assault was interrupted.

Bizarrely, Nathan attempted to convince the arresting officers that he and the victim had just had sex, which was why they were showing signs of physical exertion.

Nathan Griffith Has Something to Say
Nathan Griffith does many Instagram Live videos talking about politics, and here’s a screenshot from one of those. (Photo via Instgram)

Thankfully, police didn’t buy that explanation.

They noticed that the victim had “watery red eyes and was visibly upset” and they decided to take Nathan in for questioning.

Police also reported “approximately inch-thick bruising starting to appear on [the victim’s] neck (all the way around),” as well as “bruising under her jawline consistent with being strangled and someone pressing their thumbs inward to add pressure.”

According to a probable cause affidavit, Nathan was visibly intoxicated when police arrived on the scene.

Nathan Griffith Wears a Hat
Nathan Griffith wears a hat while doing an Instagram Live. (Photo via Instagram)

Griffith had been texting his brother-in-law, identified in police reports as “William,” about an argument with his girlfriend.

When William texted the girlfriend to ask if everything was okay, she replied “no,” and William called the police.

Nathan was freed on bail the following morning, but the victim has now been granted a restraining order against him.

Nathan Griffith has fallen on hard times since the years of his MTV stardom. (Photo via MTV)

Police reportedly escorted Nathan to the apartment to retrieve his belongings, but he has been allowed back, and he is not permitted to make any contact with the alleged victim.

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Griffith married a woman named May Oyola last year, but they’ve been estranged for several months, and the victim has been identified as Nathan’s new girlfriend.

We’re choosing not to use her name here, but police have indicated that she’s a 32-year-old mother of two.

Nathan Griffith's Mugshot
Nathan Griffith’s latest mugshot. Dude needs serious help. (Photo via Instagram)

Nathan and the alleged victim were reportedly living together at the time of the incident, but thankfully, that’s no longer the case.

Nathan has been arrested several times in the past, but it does not appear that he was on probation at the time of his most recent brush with the law.

Regardless, there’s a good chance that he might wind up serving prison time if he’s convicted, as the judge is likely to consider his lengthy rap sheet.

Nathan and Kaiser Being Tough
Nathan Griffith poses for a tough selfie with his son, Kaiser. (Photo via Instagram)

Nathan is due in court on March 27 to deal with the no-contact order and he’ll be back in front of a judge to fsce domestic violence charges on April 20.

We’ll have further updates on this developing story as new information becomes available.


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