New Lincoln Nautilus teased with massive interior screens



The next-generation Lincoln Nautilus is officially slated for reveal on Monday, April 17, according to a teaser video just released on Lincoln’s social media channels.

Lincoln’s mid-size two-row SUV is definitely due for a big update, and one look at the teaser suggests we’re getting exactly that. Instead of giving us a glimpse of the exterior, Lincoln trained the camera inside. The video appears to be of a welcome lighting sequence played over multiple massive screens, starting on a central infotainment screen and then transitioning to additional displays further up on the dashboard. The pattern of dancing light then appears to reach out of the screen and onto the door panels where strips of physical LED lights are “lit” by the light transitioning from the screens.

The whole sequence is rather dramatic, but it allows us a glimpse of what’s happening inside the new Nautilus. For one, the interior is chock-full of screens. The giant display on the dash appears to stretch from one pillar to another, so we’re looking at a full-width display. An oddly shaped steering wheel can be seen by the light of the screen — it looks more square than round, as the top portion is cut off. Below those top screens, a regular-looking infotainment screen is put front and center.

We can’t see much else, but the Nautilus’ reveal is coming soon enough, so look out for a debut on Monday next week.

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