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New optical disc tech could helps make $5 for every TB possible

by Mark Dylan

Ahead-hunting: Regardless of customer PCs and activity consoles transitioning to speedier stable state drives (SSD), difficult disc drives (HDD) carry on featuring at any time far more area for chilly storage at decreased selling prices. 1 business says it can just take a major leap ahead for optical disc know-how.

Folio Photonics introduced a new strategy for optical disc storage this 7 days that could make tricky drives even larger and less expensive than ever. Employing new supplies and manufacturing procedures, the organization suggests it can offer storage at $5 for every terabyte, and inevitably $1 for every terabyte. The best hard disc drives are now 5 situations a lot more expensive at close to $25 for every terabyte.

The new optical discs feature dynamic multi-layer publish/study capabilities, which previously hadn’t been expense-helpful at the organization scale. Folio realized this through patented polymer extrusion, movie-primarily based disc development processes, custom-made optical pickup models, an quickly scalable polymer co-extrusion course of action, and “following-technology elements.”

Where by archival discs these days supply up to 3 optical layers per facet per disc, Folio’s obtain 16 movie levels. The company strategies to continue escalating that selection.

Folio also statements that its discs are far more electricity-economical than conventional HDDs, with its implementation with any luck , lowering the digital storage industry’s carbon footprint. Additionally, the new challenging drives are extra resistant to electromagnetic pulses.

The enterprise programs to start providing its new challenging drives in 2024, setting up with 10-disc models carrying 1TB for each disc, translating to 10TB HDDs for all-around $50. Presently, that considerably dollars might get you a 2TB HDD. Folio hopes to at some point present even larger drives.

If Folio’s technological innovation requires off, it could revolutionize the ongoing competitiveness in HDDs around two dozen terabytes. Producers like Western Digital and Seagate are racing to build 30TB drives by the middle of this 10 years and get to 100TB by 2030. People organizations and Toshiba are pushing the restrictions of HDD storage and overall performance with technologies like HAMR, microwave support, and iNAND memory.

Seagate released a 20TB HDD in 2020, and WD unveiled a 26TB drive earlier this calendar year. The current advances in multi-layer technology could significantly speed up the storage race.

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