Noir Horror Film Half Dead Fred Reveals Release Date [EXCLUSIVE]



Half Dead Fred, a hot new film-noir from writer and director Bron Theron, will be making its way to Amazon this month for rental and purchase!

Half a year after its initial premiere in Flint, Michigan, the exciting new horror noir film Half Dead Fred is set to release on digital platforms. Screen Rant is thrilled to exclusively announce that filmmaker Bron Theron’s latest effort, developed under his White Ninja Productions banner, will be available for rent or purchase on Prime Video beginning on March 15.

Half Dead Fred follows the titular character, Freddy Nash (played by Corin Nemec, known for Parker Lewis Can’t Lose and The Stand). The detective medium gains the ability to see dead people after a car accident that should have killed him, and which indeed took the life of his 9-year-old son. The real action of Half Dead Fred begins when the detective and his assistant travel from Los Angeles to Flint in order to investigate a murder, which winds up leading them on a quest for treasure as well.


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More About Half Dead Fred

Theron also directed an official music video for Half Dead Fred, which can be seen above. The song “GMD” is performed by hip-hop artist Abstract Rude, and those excited about the film can catch glimpses of actual footage in the video above. Abstract Rude was given the chance to read the script in order to better express the story through his song, raising expectations for the story that’s about to unfold.

Half Dead Fred

In a statement, writer and director Bron Theron explained that, “We are thrilled to release through Amazon. It is very exciting to bring Half Dead Fred straight to the homes of horror fans. I can’t wait for audiences to see the huge twist at the end and enjoy a film-noir with plenty of paranormal activity.” Jessica Revoldt, Marty Dormany, Joe Schipani, and Theron himself serve as producers on the film. Half Dead Fred also stars Jason London (Dazed & Confused) and Tiffany Shepis.

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Half Dead Fred arrives on digital through Amazon on March 15.


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