Princess Bride Remake Chances Gets Perfect Response From Star



Cary Elwes has a perfect response when questioned about the chances of a The Princess Bride remake. The Princess Bride premiered in 1987 and follows the comedic fairy tale of farmhand Westley (Elwes), who becomes an unlikely hero when he sets out to save his love, Buttercup (Robin Wright), from Prince Humperdinck (Chris Sarandon). Over 25 years later, The Princess Bride remains a cult classic and is considered one of the best comedies ever made. Despite its success, The Princess Bride has never received a sequel. However, to this day, many continue to entertain ideas of a sequel or remake.


In an interview with, Elwes had a perfect response when asked about the potential of a Prince Bride remake. Elwes explained that he had already answered the question several years back when rumors of a remake started floating around, having previously taken to Twitter to share his thoughts on the idea, and his response garnered hundreds of thousands of likes. Hence, he revealed that he still stands by his prior sentiments and doesn’t think anyone should risk tarnishing The Princess Bride‘s legacy. Check out his statement and prior tweet, below:

“Well, I already responded to that. There was an, I don’t know, CEO or president of some studio at some point was trying to create some kind of publicity around the fact that he was gonna remake the film. And he posted that on Twitter, and I responded that there’s a shortage of perfect movies in the world, be a pity to damage this one. And that seemed to get the response that I wanted… Yeah, that got over 100,000 likes that one.”

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Why Isn’t There A Princess Bride Sequel Or Remake?

Westley staring at Buttercup outside on The Princess Bride

Many fans of The Princess Bride share Elwes’ sentiments that the film is as near perfection as a film can get and should be left alone. The amount of time that has passed since the original also makes a sequel particularly tough to imagine. However, with how successful the film was on release and its continued popularity, the movie should warrant a follow-up. Ultimately, it is the film’s source material that explains the most likely reason why The Princess Bride sequel was never made.

The Princess Bride was an adaptation of the 1973 novel of the same name by William Goldman. Goldman’s novel was an abridged version of a longer work by S. Morgenstern. After the success of the book and film, there were indications that Goldman planned to write a sequel. In the 25th anniversary edition of Goldman’s The Princess Bride, an epilogue was added that mentioned a sequel called Buttercup’s Baby. However, he indicated he was having trouble with copyright issues from S. Morgenstern’s estate. In the 30th anniversary edition, he reiterated having trouble completing the sequel but vowed it would be finished by 2023. Sadly, Goldman passed away in 2018 without writing the sequel.

As a result, a sequel film was never made because there was no book to adapt. Given that Goldman was fairly protective of his work and ownership of the film rights, it isn’t likely he would’ve wanted anyone else to expand the story. Meanwhile, despite rumors, a remake has never become a reality either. A large part of this could be the influence of the original cast, like Elwes, who are firmly against a remake. Ultimately, The Princess Bride still stands well on its own and hasn’t found a need for a remake or sequel.



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