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Back in 2019, HandCircus released Rolando: Royal Edition ($4.99) on the App Store. Rolando: Royal Edition released about 10 years after the original Rolando hit the App Store. It is a true App Store classic. Read our original review here and our review of the Royal Edition here. Since the release of Rolando: Royal Edition, it went free back in 2020 when many developers were doing discounts or giveaways to help people who were stuck at home. Today, HandCircus revealed a Steam Deck version of Rolando to mark the game’s 14th anniversary.

In addition to that Steam Deck tease for Rolando, HandCircus mentioned in a reply on Twitter that it wants to do a remaster of Rolando 2 for all platforms. Back when Rolando: Royal Edition went free, Jared mentioned wanting a remaster of the sequel. While it hasn’t been officially announced yet, we are definitely closer to it happening. Hopefully HandCircus can bring it out on Steam, Switch, and iOS if it does happen in the future. While we don’t usually cover Steam Deck-specific game news yet, Rolando is a special game, and this announcement makes us happy. Have you played it before or are you going to experience Rolando for the first time when it comes to Steam Deck?


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James Henry
James Henry
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