Starfire Cosplay Celebrates Casual, Real-Life Costume for New Series



A stunning series of cosplays is giving major respect to the Teen Titans’ hero, Starfire. With a more down-to-Earth Starfire story on the horizon, the DC hero is getting an awesome tribute from one talented cosplayer.

Since the beloved 1980s revamp of The New Teen Titans, the alien princess Koriand’r of Tamaran has been an integral member of the team. Starfire has been a major part of the Teen Titans franchise, prominently appearing in its adaptations such as cartoons, animated movies, and live-action television shows. DC fans all across the world have fallen for Kori’s jubilant personality, with some showing their appreciation by putting their own spin on Starfire. Gabriel Picolo made waves with his more grounded designs for the Teen Titans that reinvented the team as average young adults. Picolo’s art was so well-received, he wound up co-creating several official YA graphic novels for DC such as Teen Titans: Raven and its sequel, Teen Titans: Beast Boy.

Starfire’s Stellar Design Comes to Life in Awesome Cosplay Session

It was recently revealed that Picolo will be teaming up with his YA Teen Titans co-creator Kami Garcia for a new book in the series that focuses on Starfire. To celebrate, cosplayer tachitach posted a series of photos showcasing herself dressed up as a more casual, less superhero-looking version of the Teen Titan. On Instagram, tachitach expressed how excited she was at the prospect of a new book from Garcia and Picolo. In honor of Teen Titans: Starfire’s announcement, tachitach dressed up to recreate the graphic novel’s cover art. The same post showed tachitach recreating a previous work of the more grounded-looking Starfire, as well as Picolo’s take on Koriandr’s sister, Blackfire. tachitach also recreated a piece of fan art from maodraws that shows Picolo’s Starfire and Raven together.

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This isn’t the first time that tachitach has showcased her love of Starfire. In one cosplay photo she posted on Instagram, tachitach is seen in a more traditional hero-looking outfit, including some added visual effects to have energy flowing from her hands. In another Instagram post, tachitach displays a Starfire seemingly inspired by the hero’s DCYou-era costume. In this cosplay, Starfire is floating through space, her hands again glowing with energy as her long hair flows behind her. tachitach’s appreciation for Starfire is plain as day, and these cosplay sessions are an amazing tribute to the hero.

Starfire Cosplay Honors a Fan-Favorite Superhero

Starfire’s popularity has grown thanks to her consistent presence in Teen Titans’ media. From her roles in the franchise’s adaptations to killer reinventions like Picolo’s, the character has more exposure now than she did back when she first appeared. Fans connect with Starfire because of her positivity, kindness, and empathy (and the cool powers don’t hurt, either). Cosplay like tachitach’s is a wonderful tribute to the character because it captures everything fans love about the alien princess: Her strange, otherworldly powers, but also the pleasant and friendly aura she constantly gives off. Nothing captures everything great about Starfire as much as this amazing cosplay session.

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