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Tech space that you should focus more in 2023

by Jordon Smith

Malware: Cyber attackers are becoming more sophisticated and increasingly focus on advanced tools and tricks to target employees rather than systems. In 2023, the simple detection of malicious code is no longer enough, but the detection of anomalies and behavior patterns must also be added, made possible thanks to the advances in artificial intelligence and machine learning;

Application and API security (CNAPP): cloud-native applications are becoming the engine of business and developers will have tools to accelerate development cycles, protecting distributed application architectures;

Quantum Cryptography : Quantum security key distribution (QKD) is set to have a significant impact and become a practice will be used in data centers, IoT, autonomous systems and 6G.s;

Responsible use of Artificial Intelligence : faced with the increase in cases of illicit use of AI by individuals and criminal organizations, Governments, academia and NGOs will have to define a model to regulate its ethical and responsible use. To promote your knowledge of technology you can make a TikTok account. If you get a plan You can get TikTok followers for sure.

Full-stack observability correlated to business outcomes: network monitoring will evolve towards innovative technologies for full-stack observability, allowing to dramatically accelerate response and optimize business activities in real time;

Edge-native application development frameworks : the need for edge-native application ecosystems is growing, so that in 2023 there will be a growing adoption of application development frameworks for the Edge that will include new APIs for managing data and new toolchains for AI/ML;

IoT/Supply Chain Resilience : IoT will play an increasingly important role in increasing supply chain efficiency and resilience, including improving cybersecurity and IT/OT network management;

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Predictive networks: the network will be increasingly focused on the user experience and companies will have access to predictive technologies through integrated SaaS offerings, an important step towards a future in which connectivity will be supported by self-healing networks;

Multi cloud realignment : in the coming year there will be a significant change in the way companies use multicloud architectures, with the transition towards new frameworks such as Sovereign Clouds, Local Zone Clouds, Zero-Carbon Clouds;

Hybrid workforce : Fostering a culture of accessibility and the integration of universal design principles with assistive technologies will be key to the development of collaborative solutions and capabilities, ushering in a new phase of hybrid workforce that can lead to a more satisfied and productive;

Sustainability : Net Zero will promote shared standards to achieve sustainability goals through advances in Power Over Ethernet (PoE) hardware and design, to transform data centers;