Ted Lasso Just Ruined Any Hope For Keeley & Roy Getting Back Together



Warning: Contains SPOILERS for Ted Lasso season 3, episode 5!Keeley kissing Jack in Ted Lasso season 3, episode 5 ruins any hope of her and Roy getting back together. Keeley and Roy’s relationship was a central storyline for the first two seasons of Ted Lasso, but it was really in season 2 that the show explored how great they were together. The reveal in Ted Lasso season 3’s premiere that Roy and Keeley broke up created questions about what the future held for the couple. But since their relationship was so strong before and Ted Lasso is ending with this season, there has been an expectation that the series will explore how the two characters find their way back together.

Ted Lasso season 3, episode 5 continues the season’s structure of keeping Roy and Keeley’s storylines entirely separate. However, it is Keeley’s time at KJPR, being the boss, and understanding Jodie Balfour’s character that becomes one of the main focuses. Keeley and Jack spend a lot of time together in the latest episode, which includes showing how similar they are and how well they get along. It is a big change from how Keeley and Jack interacted in episode 4, and their relationship turns romantic by the end. Keeley and Jack’s kiss in Ted Lasso season 3 is a huge moment for the show, especially considering Keeley and Roy’s future.

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Keeley & Jack’s Romance In Ted Lasso Hurts Chances Of Her Reunion With Roy

Ted Lasso Season 3 Jodi Balfour Keeley

The development of Keeley and Jack’s romance in Ted Lasso season 3 comes after the prolonged time they spend together. After cleaning up the office, drinking vodka in the candlelight, and talking about their romantic histories, Keeley kisses Jack. She initially thinks it was a mistake to do it, but Jack assures her that it was okay. Keeley and Jack continue to make out after this, with them last shown undressing in Keeley’s office. While it was an impulse decision by Keeley, it appears to be something Jack has wanted to do, which could explain why their interactions were so weird in the previous episode.

Ted Lasso season 3 introducing a new love interest for Keeley through Jack ruins her and Roy getting back together. Keeley talks about how she wants to get back to having fun and not feeling hurt by Roy’s breakup before she decides to kiss Jack. The romantic spark between them could lead Keeley to continue exploring these feelings. That would mean that she and Roy are not getting back together anytime soon. Even if Keeley and Jack’s romance does not last, her dialogue indicates that she’s not in the right spot to return to Roy either way.

Why Keeley & Jack Getting Together Is Better Than A Love Triangle With Roy & Jamie

Ted Lasso Jodie Balfour Jack

Keeley and Jack’s kiss in Ted Lasso season 3 sets up a romance that is better for Juno Temple’s character than the potential love triangle with Roy and Jamie. Keeley seemed to have more interest in Jamie due to his maturity than getting back with Roy, but that would strain Roy and Jamie’s friendship. The show has already explored what that love triangle is like, so Jack and Keeley’s romance is better for the story. It allows a fresh side of Keeley to be explored in Ted Lasso season 3, possibly establishing her and Jack as a power couple who can build KJPR with a shared vision.


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