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Telecommunication Equipment Prohibited in the UAE

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Telecommunication Equipment

Telecommunication equipment is necessary for smooth communication and establishing the connection. However, the same equipment and devices can be used for malicious purposes and activities and cause great loss to society. It is specifically applicable to sensitive equipment working on radio frequencies and not mobile phone devices.

Every country has its own set of rules and restrictions in order to regulate the use of telecommunication equipment, and UAE is no exception. The country has established a proper system for approval, and there is clear guidance about prohibited equipment. Learning about the details can help you stay updated and comply with the laws.

Give an in-depth read to this article to explore telecommunication equipment prohibited in the UAE and ensure you are not signing up for legal penalties.

Top 6 Types of Telecommunication Equipment Prohibited in UAE

The telecommunication industry has made immense progress in the past few decades. Every individual has access to telecommunication devices to stay connected with friends, family, or clients. However, there is a category of telecommunication equipment that is only used by authorized personnel for security reasons. UAE has prohibited the manufacturing, sale, purchase, and use of telecommunication equipment to ensure there is no security breach.

Here are the major types of telecommunication equipment prohibited in the United Arab Emirates.

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1. GSM Jammers

GSM jammers are the basic telecommunication equipment that is prohibited for manufacturing, sale, or supply in the UAE. The GSM jammers cause disturbance in the communication signals and block them completely. These can be used for criminal activities and can cause harm to the general public, which is why they are prohibited. However, they can also be required for security purposes at times. Many organizations consult TRA type approval service providers to learn about similar but approved devices and get approval from authorities too.

2. GSM Boosters

GSM boosters are the second major telecommunication equipment that is prohibited in the United Arab Emirates. The GSM boosters manipulate the mobile and telecommunication signals and attract more toward a single device or setup. Such a practice is illegal in the region and can earn you legal penalties and repercussions. The manufacturing, sale, supply, and use of GSM boosters are banned, as they can cause disruption and difficulty for the general public. Make sure to comply with local laws to avoid legal action against you.

3. Scanning Receivers

Scanning receivers are the next most crucial telecommunication equipment which is prohibited for manufacturing or sale in the UAE. The scanning receiver can scan the signal between two telecommunication devices and eavesdrop on the conversation. The confidential communication done through radio equipment can be decoded through scanning receivers. There is always a criminal motivation behind such eavesdropping. Therefore, the sale, purchase, and use of equipment are banned, and you must comply with that.

4. Military Communication Equipment

Military communication equipment is the next type of telecommunication equipment that is prohibited in the UAE. The communication equipment used by the military is of sensitive nature, which is why it is banned for sale, purchase, and supply by the general public. The common use of such equipment can pose security threats in the region or spy on the internal communication of military personnel. This is why you should never indulge in its manufacturing or dealing. Consult the experts about the alternative approved equipment if you need it.

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5. Radio and TV Transmitters and Receivers

Radio and TV transmitters and receivers are the next telecommunication equipment prohibited in the UAE. As the name suggests, radio and TV transmitters and receivers are used to catch the signals from the air, decode and transmit them to the set devices. Such equipment can be used to illegally catch and transmit signals to spy on the information. It can pose a security threat and lead to numerous other legal issues, which is why the use of equipment is prohibited and must be followed. You will face legal penalties if found breaking the law and manufacturing, selling, supplying, or using the equipment.

6. GPS Navigation Pilot Equipment

GPS navigation pilot equipment is the last type of telecommunication equipment that is prohibited in the UAE. Such equipment can be used to track the navigation of sensitive and security-related aircraft, thus proving a threat to security. The manufacturing, use, sale, and supply of the equipment is prohibited, so you should not indulge in it. You can instead consult TRA type approval services providers about the approved equipment or process one for your specific equipment if it is not on the prohibited list.

Are you seeking approval for some devices?

Now that you are aware of the prohibited telecommunication equipment, you must follow the legal boundaries. If you need approval for some other telecommunication equipment, contact professional service providers to follow the process diligently and help you acquire it from the authorities.

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