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The 5 best backup cameras of 2022

by Mark Dylan

Today, most vehicles come equipped with backup cameras, but the truth is that there are still many vehicles on the road that do not have them. According to CarFax, cars made in 2018 and above are now required to have a backup camera, but what if you have a vehicle made before then?

There are plenty of after-market options for your backup camera, but it can be overwhelming to try to discern which is the best backup camera, but that is where we can help. These are the best backup cameras for your car, truck, or trailer so you can see behind you when parking or backing out.  

The Auto-Vox CS2 Backup Camera is the best backup camera, thanks to its clear picture, huge flexibility in use, and affordable price tag. 

To compare it against our other picks, here is an overview of the best backup cameras.  

Best backup camera


Screen size

Angle of view

Auto-Vox CS2



110 degrees

eRapta ERT01 Backup Camera



149 degrees

Furrion Vision S Wireless Backup System



180 degrees

LeeKooLuu LK3



149 degrees

Yada RoadCam 4K UHD Smart Dash Cam



150 degrees

To help you find the best backup camera for your needs, consider these expert recommendations based on our study.

Choose this backup camera…

If you…

Auto-Vox CS2

Want performance with affordability

eRapta ERT01 Backup Camera

Want the best affordable backup camera

Furrion Vision S Wireless Backup System

Want a versatile backup camera

LeeKooLuu LK3

Plan on doing a lot of night driving


Want an excellent runner-up option for best backup camera

When searching for the best backup camera, we consider several specific factors to aid in our decision. 

  • Installation: Many of the best backup cameras use a simple suction mount for installation, but some backup cameras may require hardwired or professional installation. 
  • Vehicle type: Some backup cameras may only be equipped to work with certain types of vehicles, like sedans, trucks, or even RVs. 
  • Viewing angle: The viewing angle is important because it determines how wide your field of view will be. Generally speaking, the larger your vehicle, the wider the viewing angle should be. 
  • Price: We consider cost when finding the best backup cameras that will work across a variety of budgets.

Be sure to carefully review technical specs and features before deciding on the best backup camera for your vehicle.

A backup camera is a type of camera that displays a rear view of your vehicle when you are in reverse mode. Some cameras may also offer front-view cameras, as well.  

The field of view for backup cameras varies from one model to the next. The best backup cameras range from 110 to 180 degrees, depending on the option you choose.  

A backup camera can significantly range in price, depending on the model you choose and the type of vehicle you have. 

While searching for the best backup cameras, we found these models that also caught our eye. 

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