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The 5 best portable speakers of 2022

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They say music can heal the soul, but first, you need the right speaker. With today’s busy lifestyle, we do not always have the time to anchor ourselves to a stereo, so instead, anchor your speaker to yourself while you go about your day with a portable speaker. 

We’ve compiled the best portable speakers that connect via Bluetooth so that your music goes with you for any occasion. 

The Sonos Roam is the best overall portable speaker thanks to its outstanding performance and sound, including auto Trueplay. It is lightweight and waterproof and comes in a variety of colors. 

To see how the Sonos Roam stacks up, here is an overview of the best portable speaker. 

Best portable speaker



Waterproof rating

Sonos Roam


7 oz


Bumpboxx Flare 6


13 lbs


Edifier MP230


1.87 lbs


JBL Clip 4


8.4 oz


Tronsmart Force


10 oz


To find the best portable speaker you need, consider our expert recommendations to help.

Choose this portable speaker…

If you want…

Sonos Roam

A smart speaker with excellent performance

Bumpboxx Flare 6

To take the party on the go

Edifier MP230

A classic look for modern sound 

JBL Clip 4

A speaker made for the nature enthusiast 

Tronsmart Force

A built-in subwoofer with your speaker

In searching for the best portable speaker, we use several factors to shape our decision, including these.

  • Volume: We look for portable speakers that offer full-bodied, powerful sound for your listening pleasure.   
  • Price: The cost of a portable speaker can run the gamut, so we look for portable speakers that suit a variety of budgets. 
  • Weight: The weight of a portable speaker is important when you plan to take your speaker with you on the go. 
  • Waterproofing: A portable speaker gets bonus points if it features a waterproof design.

The best portable speakers can range in weight considerably. Our picks weigh between seven ounces for the Sonos Roam all the way to 13 pounds when you choose the Gronk Fitness Bumpboxx Flare 6.

The best portable speakers range in cost from $50 to $400.

The average battery life ranges from 10 to 12 hours, depending on the model you choose. However, the battery life of a portable speaker can vary, so be sure to compare your options before selecting the best speaker for your needs. 

There are several portable speakers that also caught our eye when searching for the best alternative portable speakers.

For more options, check out our expert picks for the best stereo speakers, the best smart speakers, and the best WiFi speakers!

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