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The 5 best travel pillows of 2022

by Mark Dylan

There is nothing like being stuck in an airplane or on a train for hours on end. Even a road trip can seem to drag on forever when you are low on sleep and feeling exhausted. Sleeping is not always an option, either, when you are caught in a middle seat — unless you have a travel pillow. It can provide the right kind of support, so you can rest easy, no matter where you are.   

When sleep begins to take hold, these are the best travel pillows for your trip.

The Trtl Pillow is the best travel pillow, thanks to a lightweight, comfortable build. We also love that it is machine-washable for greater durability that is guaranteed for 100 days. 

Travel pillow




Trtl Pillow


4.5 oz


Cabeau Evolution Classic Pillow


11.6 oz


Everlasting Comfort Memory Foam Airplane Travel Pillow Kit


0.6 lbs


Ostrich Pillow Go


0.93 lbs


Sea To Summit Aeros Premium Travel Pillow


3 oz


To help you find the best travel pillow for your needs, consider our expert recommendations. 

Choose this travel pillow…

If you…

Trtl Pillow

Want a versatile travel pillow

Cabeau Evolution Classic Pillow

Want a travel pillow available at airports

Everlasting Comfort Memory Foam Airplane Travel Pillow Kit

Want a memory foam pillow

Ostrich Pillow Go

Luxury is your priority

Sea To Summit Aeros Premium Travel Pillow

Have neck problems

There are several factors we considered when choosing the best travel pillows.

  • Portability: The best travel pillows are lightweight and easy to transport, with many sporting an inflatable design to save you space. 

  • Support: Many of the best travel pillows are made of memory foam that cradles your head and neck while you sleep, helping to provide a more enjoyable, supportive sleep.

  • Comfort: The best travel pillows have covers made of plush, comfortable materials like velour or brushed polyester to keep you snug and secure while you sleep.

  • Budget: Cost is always a concern, so we look for travel pillows that suit a variety of budgets. 

A travel pillow is one that is worn around the neck to provide greater support for your neck and head. It can help alleviate neck pain while providing a better, more comfortable sleep even in the most trying of circumstances.

A travel pillow can range in price significantly, with some even available for free at some airports. The best travel pillows on our list range from less than $25 to $60, giving you a wider range for your budgetary needs.

Most of the best travel pillows have covers that are machine-washable, but not all of them do. If a travel pillow does not have a washable cover, you will need to hand-wash it to clean. 

While searching for the best travel pillows, we also found these great picks that may also be worth your consideration.

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