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The main vessel of Dredge may be improved by players early on in the game by picking the best engines to unlock first, increasing the speed at which they travel across the sea. With around seven different types of engines to choose from, players might struggle to figure out which ones to pick first for their ship. However, some engines are better to get at the beginning of the game than others, as each engine type has different install times and cargo space requirements.


Players begin with the Peculiar Engine in Dredge, which takes up two cargo slots, traveling at 14 knots (kn) and with an installation time of 2 hours. Although a serviceable engine to start the game, players will quickly realize that the Peculiar Engine feels a bit slower as the world gets bigger. While players may purchase the Rusty Outboard Engine for $100 from the Shipwright in Greater Marrow to get a fast speed change, this is one of the weakest engines in the game and shouldn’t be a priority.

The Best Engines To Unlock Early In Dredge

Dredge Engine Research Path with Different Research Parts Needed to Unlock new Engine Types

The three best engines to unlock first are the Weak Valve Engine, the Twin Prop Engine, and finally, the Jet Drive Engine. As players explore the world for elusive treasures or rare fish like Conger Eel in Dredge, the Weak Valve Engine might be found as loot along the way. While it does take up an awkward three cargo slots and takes three hours to install, the Weak Valve Engine has a notable boost in speed, taking the player across open waters at 18.9 kn.

Both the Twin Prop Engine and Jet Drive Engine are earned from the Shipwright by donating Research Parts. Taking up four cargo slots, the Twin Prop Engine costs 3 Research Parts to unlock but is more than worth the wait and bulk with the highest singular engine speed in the game at 35 kn. Meanwhile, the Jet Drive Engine has to be the most cargo-efficient engine, taking up only one cargo slot and adding 9 kn of speed for each engine installed over 1 hour.

How To Get Max Speed With Engines Early In Dredge

Dredge Sailing in the Evening Near Lighthouse and Various Islands

Using engines to reach the highest speeds possible are great for completing events like The Figure in Violet side quest in Dredge, which demands players move quickly. Getting many Jet Drive Engines can surpass the speed of the Twin Prop Engine and save space in a player’s cargo for fish or other equipment. By far one of the best engines to unlock first in Dredge already, Jet Drive Engines also allows players to save Research Parts on other items they may need as they approach the end of the game.


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