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The Impact Of Social Media On The Pakistan Fashion Industry

by The Custom Boxes
The Impact Of Social Media On The Pakistan Fashion Industry

No wonder social media is influencing the Pakistani fashion industry in various ways. Social media has greatly influenced the fashion world, and one of the most common networks in this sector is Instagram. It has more than 500 million users all around the world, and most of them follow big brands and fashion gurus that also have accounts on this platform.

Likewise, there are many other platforms of social media where people interact with fashion-related posts. There are many brands like Studio by TCS that provides the latest clothing with the change in trend. However, most people think that big brands do not require more visibility, but that’s not the case. They employ the latest strategies that can be referenced if you also have your own fashion company.

In the Pakistani fashion industry, the role of social media is very critical as it greatly influences the fashion industry. Some of the reasons for it are:

Support Diversity

One of the most positive changes has been the increased representation of different people in the fashion world. In simple words, brands are no longer limited by the influencers or beauty stereotypes of the past. However, it also doesn’t matter if a freelance model is brown-skinned, short or tall, and Caucasian in this modern era. Moreover, their disabilities or their gender also doesn’t matter at all. In the 2022 summer season, experts stated that most of the fashion shows were filled with models who were people of colour. Therefore, many consumers became more directly involved with the fashion sector after this. There are many great opportunities for those who previously did not feel represented in the world of beauty now. They can now appreciate diversity and greater accessibility to their ideal fits.

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Go Viral

Another significant change in social media is this i.e., going viral. It can be an excellent opportunity for fashion brands as social media is usually guided by trends. Trends can be started as creativity can be put to use by the brands. Like, a viral social media clip might involve people dressed in summer outfits. This may be a perfect time to introduce and sell look-alike slim and light fabrics and shorts in the market. Moreover, they can also advertise their brand outfits by starting a challenge on social media. Besides, keeping up with social media trends is not as easy as it sounds. It requires a lot of effort and time to consider their target audience and which social network they use most.

Work with Influencer

One of the signs is the rise of people who can influence consumer decisions in the fashion industry. Celebrities, models, social media personalities, and bloggers are very important as their content is very worthy. However, it is stated in Google studies that almost 71% of teens trust recommendations from influencers as compared to ordinary celebs. Almost every influencer has a fan base that strongly correlates with their ability to promote. Fashion companies can get many benefits by establishing a collaboration with influencers to promote their products. Influencers can become your marketing channel to advertise your brand and products most effectively.