The Link Up: The TV Series Emily’s Whole Family Loves, Caitlin’s Budget Date Night Idea, & A GREAT Design Shop In LA



Happy Sunday folks! We are so happy you stopped by. This week our lovely Jess has been galavanting around Paris likely wearing cute outfits and discovering awesome vintage finds. We can’t wait to hear about her trip once she returns (and you can expect a blog post about it, too :)). In the meantime, here are the links we are excited to share with you this week:

This week’s home tour takes us to San Francisco, where a striking all-black exterior contrasts the very bright and artistic interior. It is a modern “maximal minimalist” home that has us completely transfixed.

From Emily: For those of you with kids who like musicals, we just started watching High School Musical: The Musical: The Series which is a TV show set in the high school of the OG High School Musical, but 20 years later and they are re-preforming the OG musical. Listen, we didn’t love the OG High School Musical movies (besides of course our love for Zach Ephron) but this show is SO GOOD. Brian and I both LOVE IT (he even teared up during the episode where the parents tell their son that they are separating which they did so with so much thought and care). The music is awesome, the acting is so good, and the choreography is so good. The cast is refreshingly diverse and gives me hope for the future. I mean, to be fair, we are serious musical lovers over here and think that The Greatest Showman is the best family movie of the 21st century. But if you are looking for a new weeknight show to watch with your kids (over the age of 6 I think) we LOVE High School Musical: The Musical: The Series.

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From Jess: I found my dream pants and I might wear them every day on my Paris trip (I’m writing this pre-trip FYI). They are SO COMFORTABLE, make me feel cool, the quality is awesome, and I can dress them up or down. Normally I don’t spend this much on pants but as soon as I put them on I knew we were meant for each other. I got a medium and at almost 5’4” I don’t need to hem them (big win:)). I can’t say enough good things about them and might even sleep in them I love them so much. 100000000/10.

From Mallory: If you’re in LA listen up: go check out Olive Ateliers if you haven’t yet!! Their whole warehouse is full of “objects with old souls” and they import awesome stuff from literally all over the world. The best part?? It’s fairly affordable (solid marble bowls for $65, vases for under $100, and awesome wood pieces and paper mache bowls for $30-45). Obviously, some of their large planters & onyx sinks can be pricier but considering that most of these pieces are shipped in from all over, I was impressed. They do “drops” every few weeks that are open to the public but during the week they’re open to the trade. Check it out & follow them on IG :slightly_smiling_face:

From Caitlin:  Lemme tip y’all off to my favorite budget-friendly date idea: THE MONDO LLAMA CRAFT KIT. Head to Target with your love interest (or even a friend – or even yourself?), pick out a craft (or two different crafts, it’s your date!), pop on a show (something that works well in the background – I can vouch for Cheers or the Bon Appetit channel), and get to craftin’. IT’S THE BEST.

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From Ryann: Once again I am looking for good books to get me back into reading. I always go in spurts where I read voraciously and then abruptly it stops which makes me feel, to be quite honest, very lazy and sad. So in an attempt to get myself reading again, I bought How High We Go In The Dark by Sequoia Nagamatsu. I’ve heard great things about it, it’s one of those novels that follows several interconnecting stories which I am a fan of, plus it’s about a prehistoric plague that decimates humanity and that’s very intriguing to me (I wonder why??). This is my first book of the year (I’ll let you know my review hopefully next week!) but I would also love some recs from you all so I can keep the reading train going instead of going on Tik Tok every second of my life 🙂

Have a lovely Sunday sweet friends, and come back tomorrow for a brand new REVEAL! xx

Opener Image Credit: Design and Photos by Rosy Alexander | From: How To Add An Addition To Your House Without It Feeling TOO New (+ A Classic Yet Trend Forward Kitchen Island Extension You Need To See)

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