The Next Bachelorette: Reportedly REVEALED! Already!



Reality Steve has struck again.

On Monday, the Bachelor and Bachelorette guru came out with a spoiler that goes beyond Season 27 and of the former franchise and delves already into the upcoming season of the latter.

Yes, he revealed the next Bachelorette.

Stop reading right now if you’d prefer to wait and be surprised when ABC makes the announcement later this month…

According to this insider, Charity Lawson will be named The Bachelorette.

To be clear, “Nothing is ever final until ABC officially announces it, but from everything I’m hearing it’s going to be Charity,” Reality Steve wrote, adding yesterday:

“I would expect this announcement to be made sometime in the next few weeks.”

If this report is accurate, Lawson would become the second Black Bachelorette in show history.

Based on previous Bachelor spoilers we’ve combed through, Lawson will advance to Zach Shallcross’ final four this spring and take him to meet her family during a hometown date.

She’s a 26-year-old child and family therapist and a recent graduate of Auburn University with a Masters in Clinical Mental Health Counseling.

“As a growing therapist, my populations of interest include trauma, child developmental disorders, anxiety, veterans, couples, and families.

“I carry a strong passion for helping others and am a strong advocate for promoting self-care and wellness,” Lawson’s LinkedIn bio reads.

“My goal is, wherever I may go, I want to leave an impact on someone’s life by ensuring and fulfilling positive change for humanity, while also connecting and promoting a diverse environment that creates long-lasting interpersonal relationships.”

Earlier this season, Lawson earned praise for her candor during a romantic dinner with Shallcross.

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“Who I am today is not who you would’ve seen years ago,” she told Zach, citing a past relationship and continuing as follows:

“It was an emotionally abusive relationship for me. I never honestly felt what it feels like to be seen as a partner or to be seen as a girlfriend.”

She also admitted to “occurrences of infidelity,” explaining to Shallcross:

“It was with someone that I knew, but also the person that I loved at the time also did this awful thing to me…And it just became this really vicious cycle of manipulation.”

As a reminder, ABC has not yet confirmed Lawson as The Bachelorette.

But Reality Steve is almost never wrong. And Shallcross is a huge fan.

“Charity is this incredible woman who just showed me a little bit of light into who and what she is,” Shallcross said during the dinner portion of the aforementioned date.

“I was caught off guard to see that she was treated so poorly. It makes my heart break. Like, are you kidding me? Look at her.

“She is literally the person that can make everyone in a room just feel good and happy and comfortable. And it feels good with her.”




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