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I personally love a trend that requires no shopping, no styling, and quite frankly very little thinking. If you are designing a room, you know that it comes with making a thousand decisions and even the smallest ones can feel like they’ll make or break a room. While designing my living and dining room, there were a lot of decisions that felt almost painful to make but the most debilitating aspect was choosing and hanging art. Art can be expensive, it’s very personal, and it makes a statement immediately (whether good or bad). So when I started seeing bedrooms with no wall art, I was immediately intrigued and sort of relieved. If no art looks cool in the bedroom why should I agonize over finding the perfect piece for my own?? The more I thought about it, the more I realized opting for no wall art is the perfect trend for the bedroom. Bedrooms, famously where we sleep, are ideally calm and serene to promote restful sleep. So what better place to experiment with quiet minimalism? Even I, a self-proclaimed maximalist, feel very excited and hopeful about this trend so I thought I’d take you along with me as I explore its benefits. Let’s begin.

This bedroom by Studio Doran has everything I want and when I saw it I was immediately sold on this trend. I love the dark grey-green wall color (Treron by Farrow & Ball), the antique drawers, and the simple “Monastery Chic” bedding. Once I took in all of the aspects of the room, I quickly realized I wasn’t bothered by the lack of wall art at all. If anything, I prefer it! The four-poster bed adds some height that draws your eye up and having no other break in the walls makes you feel enveloped by the wall color which creates a calming effect. It feels minimal but collected and not at all boring. Adding two matching table lamps creates a symmetry that is easy for the eye to understand, and the added task light is a cool touch that adds personality and function. Although this room is notably darker than most, it feels inviting and lived in. I want to replicate this room immediately! It’s so good.

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colin king for beni rugs collection, a study on balance | home of andré saraiva | photo by billal baruk taright

This bedroom, shot for Colin King’s fourth collection with Beni Rugs, reminds me how effortlessly cool a minimally styled bedroom can be. Even with incredibly high ceilings and a lot of wall space, the no wall art trend feels intentional and calming. To fill such a large wall space, you would need a massive piece of art or a huge gallery wall, so I think the choice to leave it blank makes a statement and allows the other elements in the room to be noticed. The bed alone adds a cool structured, post-modern look and the rug brings in just the right amount of pattern and color. Also, the texture of the wall finish (likely lime wash) could be a major component in why this works so well. It creates depth and movement so the walls don’t appear boring or unfinished. I’ve stared at this room a thousand times and I never tire of it, which I think goes to show how powerful the no art trend can be.

design by colombe studio | photo by kasia gatkowska

Refraining from hanging art is a great way to let architectural details shine. In this bedroom by Colombe Studio, the blank walls are soothing and allow the subtleties of the wall paneling and molding to take center stage. And who knows, if this room was layered with wall art maybe you wouldn’t notice the awesome fluted windows on the door (but I doubt that :)). If you were worried this trend would be boring, this bedroom is proof that minimal maximalism can be achieved without art and in such a fun way. The blue floral bed is a really exciting statement piece that brings in color and pattern and of course, the bedding adds to that effect. The incredible burl wood side table also brings in a warm, sculptural element that is impossible to ignore.

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design by jake arnold for crate & barrel

Perhaps one of the reasons why I am so attracted to this trend is because it sort of emulates a relaxed European je ne sais quoi. A room with no wall art is unapologetic in its simplicity. It says, “I don’t need art! I am content with the way I am”. However, I can’t deny that beautiful crown molding certainly helps give off an effortlessly cool vibe, as shown in the bedroom above. The molding and beautifully curved bed have a lot to offer, so the lack of art feels intentional and sophisticated.

design by jake arnold for crate & barrel

Even here I am not missing wall art! Am I losing it, folks?? I just love how it accentuates the molding and allows for minimal (but impactful) styling moments. That table lamp is so special.

design by kate marker interiors | photo by stoffer photography

If we are talking about calm, warm, and inviting bedrooms that promote rest, this one is a prime example. The style and vibe instantly come across as lived-in and welcoming which I think is ideal for a bedroom. I love how Kate Marker flanked two sconces above the headboard, creating symmetry that is easy for the eye to take in. The exposed wood beams draw your eye up so you can appreciate the high ceilings and gorgeous brass chandelier that ties in the brass details throughout the room. If there was art over the bed it would certainly be fine, but I really appreciate the choice to keep the walls bare. It accentuates a quiet minimal vibe and on a practical note, is super budget friendly (which is another main reason why I love this trend).

design by ask og eng

Again, exposed wood beams draw the eye up in this room by Ask Og Eng, and a long hanging pendant light takes up space so there is something interesting for your eye to take in. I love that they went asymmetrical with the lighting in this case, because it creates visual interest in an otherwise minimal room. What I love most about this room is that the high ceilings create a dramatic look that is emphasized with no wall art. If there was hanging art, it would break up the wall and could make the room feel less open and spacious.

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I hope this helped anyone who is struggling with art in their bedroom right now. Maybe the answer is no art at all?? If so, I support you and I am right there with you. 🙂 Let me know what you think about this trend down below. xx

Opener Image Credit: Photo courtesy of Colin King for Beni Rugs | Home of André Saraiva | Photo by Billal Baruk Taright

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