This New Fashion Trend Makes Getting Ready FAST And We’re Into It



Look there’s something we need to address. We’ve been seeing this article of clothing EVERYWHERE in 2023 and it’s time that we brought it to your attention. I’m not sure how this came to be but it turns out that this is the year of the unitard. Yup you heard that right. We are stripping down to our skivvies and pulling on some surprisingly comfortable, shaping unitards (which are also affectionately referred to as bodysuits or onesies, the unitard is rebranding). Albie even talked about a unitard she bought and loved in the link up a few weeks ago. Here’s what she had to say about it: “Hi my name is Albie and I’m your fave comfort influencer lol. One of my fave new comfort finds is this jumpsuit from Old Navy! So good! I purchased two colors to start and now I want em in every color. What I especially love is that I can wear em around the house with a robe and then switch out my robe for a shacket to pick up the mini from school or do a quick Target run. There’s a built-in shelf bra that’s surprisingly supportive considering how too heavy I am, although to leave the house, I pair it with a bralette to be safe.”

Now at first, I wasn’t sure I would be diving into this trend, but when I saw the viral target unitard all over TikTok, what was I supposed to do? I clicked on that link. And was it already sold out? You bet it was. Did I sign up to be notified when it came back in stock? YES, I DID OKAY. So low and behold, it came back in stock and I immediately added to cart. Here’s what it looks like for those of you who are curious:

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It’s a dupe of the Aritzia jumpsuit and it’s honestly a very good one for half the price. Now note it’s not AS shaping as the Aritiza one, but I bought it and find it incredibly comfortable and I constantly want to put it on. Once I solidified that I’m a unitard kind of girl, I invested in this next lil number and I love wearing it to the gym and to my Rumble boxing classes 🙂

So I know what you’re thinking…is this all just workout gear?? Or is this a real fashion statement that I can wear around town? I’m happy to report that athleisure IS fashion right now (which is ideal), and we love a sporty-street wear kind of look, so yes you can wear this around town and HERE’S HOW.

There are 3 main formulas, let’s break them down:

Dad Shoes + High Socks + Sweatshirt

One of my favorite ways to wear a bodysuit like this is with a sweatshirt tied around the waist or around the shoulders (like in example #2). I love how effortless it looks with a simple tied sweatshirt even though I know getting that sweatshirt tie to look good involves much effort. Another notable element of this outfit formula is the dad shoe + high sock combo. We are not wearing ankle socks anymore no no no, instead we’re wearing cool white 90s dad socks with some chunky white sneaks (Just kidding, if you love ankle socks that’s great. This is just what’s very much on trend:)). Also the more accessories, the better. I’ll show you in some other examples below but just know you can never have too much. Add that fanny pack belt bag over your shoulder, pair it with those sunnies, and throw on a baseball hat. The thing about the unitard is that it’s simple and you make it your own with the accessories. So that’s a daytime athleisure look. Here’s how you’d wear a onesie in a more “going out setting”.

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Chunky Boots + Blazer + Sunnies

YUP, that’s how it’s done. I know it may feel WILD to wear a unitard out to a restaurant but I’m telling you it’s fun and comfortable. The blazer adds some structure to the shoulders while the uni SNATCHES that waist. The contrast makes for a gorgeous silhouette and a trendy outfit. Now onto the last bodysuit formula and maybe my fav:

Sneakers + Button Down + Accessories

How cute right?? I love the open button-down or the button-down tied at the front. So into this look. Now if you’re convinced that these are the best ever and you want to purchase a bodysuit to call your own, here are our favorites right now!!

1. Target Shorts Bodysuit | 2. Lowback Bodysuit | 3. Mindset Jumpsuit | 4. Ecostretch Jumpsuit | 5. Cami Bodysuit | 6. Good Karma Onesie | 7. Skims Rib Stretch Cotton | 8. Berry Flare Jumpsuit | 9. Alosoft Sunsout Onesie

What are your thoughts on this new trend?? Drop your comments below, let’s chat!! Xx

Opening Image Credits: Photo by Sara Liggoria-Tramp | From: I Let My 20-Something-Year-Old Staff Dress Me in 2019 Fashion Trends

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