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What’s Trending Right Now In The eLearning Space?

Coming up with ideas can be challenging, but narrowing down your writing wish list is often a more daunting task. So much to write about and so little time. Fortunately, this article can help you narrow the focus and zero in on the right subject matter. Here are a few trending eLearning topics that you may want to cover in your guest post.

1. Launching A Corporate Wellness Program

How can employers help their workforce strike a better work-life balance? What are some activities they can include in their corporate wellness programs to engage and inspire their employees to focus on their own mental and emotional health? What are the steps involved in launching a successful wellness strategy?

2. Improving Employee Morale After Layoffs

Organizations are forced to lay off their employees for various reasons, ranging from economic crises to industry shifts. But what about the staff members who stay? How can organizations boost morale and satisfaction rates to minimize the impact that layoffs can have on their entire company? Offer tips to help organizations improve workplace performance and keep their teams unified in times of corporate crisis.

3. Brain Breaks In eLearning

Giving the brain a rest has been proven to improve results and reduce cognitive overload. But how can online educators incorporate brain breaks into their curriculum? What are the measurable benefits? What are the scientific principles that support mental refreshers in eLearning experiences?

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4. Restorative Practice In K-12 Education

Restorative practice focuses on student accountability and encourages them to take responsibility for their actions. What are some of the ways that teachers and eLearning designers can incorporate restorative questions into their courses? What are some examples of restorative practice in K-12 educational settings?

5. Cyber Security Training Ideas

Every organization should have a cyber security training program in place to minimize potential threats and keep their data safe and sound. Highlight innovative ways that companies can get the message across and raise security awareness while still keeping their employees fully engaged.

Wrapping Up

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