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Tube Expanders: How to Choose One?

by The Custom Boxes
Tube Expanders

In the present time , in case there is a tool, which finds its application nearly on a regular basis, it is definitely tube expanders tools.  it particularly finds application in the industrial area in which the boilers, heaters and even equalizers need expansion on a frequent basis. Hence, it turns out to be imperative to choose the perfect tool to experience the desired results.  you can explore something like power master tube expander and you would find contentment.

The point is before you decide start to roll up your sleeves, start rolling & setting up the overall expander, it is quite critical to choose the right tube expander. And with so many different options available you can easily find yourself in a hard dilemma. So, here are some points that could help you make a wider choice!

Be thoughtful about the Tube Projection

One of the most primary and effective steps in the process of choosing a tube expander is considering in case the tube is will be expanded flush to the tube sheet or simply if it is going to have a projection. 

Consider the roll Length

Then Usually, the tube expanders is available in two different roll lengths: short and even long roll. In order to decide the right roll length, you are going to need to know the thickness of the tube sheet. 

Reach Requirements

More than frequently the tube expanders come in 4”, 8”, even 12”, and 18” reaches, but can be formed up longer to include particular applications.  So, be sure that you know what your requirement is and accordingly pick one. 

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Space Constraints

Heat Exchangers having channel boxes or division plates where the tubes are positioned too close to a wall for the expander’s collar to access perimeter tubes are going to require a friction collar. 

Keep the tools clean and effective always 

Once you are with your chosen tool, make sure that you are not overlooking its cleanliness. Thoroughly eradicate all rust and dirt. In addition, cleaning any sort of scale and foreign matter from the within and outside of each tube is going to help avoid damage to your tools. Thrust bearing grease must definitely be checked before each use for consistent performance outcomes.

Then you should also set collar recess. You can alter the collar recess depth to include tubes protruding from – or even flush with – the tube sheet. Begin by loosening the forward set screw with the hex key offered. Then, simply spin the collar clockwise or counter clockwise to include or accommodate a recess up to 1/16″. (Recesses up to even 15/16-inch out there on special order.) make sure re-tighten the set screw.


To sum up, keeping in mind the points discussed, you can make a sensible move when you look for and use a tube expander set. After all, the more you acquire knowledge about the tools, the better you can make a choice and keep them. maintenance is a must to ensure the tools work effectively and for a longer period.