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Types of Standard Photovoltaic Panels

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The most common types of photovoltaic panels are monocrystalline , black, and polycrystalline, blue in colour. These panels are the most used on Italian roofs. Both types of photovolta ic panels are made of silicon, but due to a difference in the manufacturing process, of  Solar energy in Pakistan differ in colour. In polycrystalline panels, the silicon crystals are distribute like a fan, making the panels blue. While, the crystals of the monocrystalline panels are arrange in the same position, forming a continuous lattice and resulting in a black color. In terms of productivity, polycrystalline panels perform better in diffused sunlight, while monocrystalline panels perform better in direct sunlight.

On what basis do you choose to install a type of monocrystalline panel and when a type of polycrystalline panel? 

Generally in northern Italy it is preferable to install polycrystalline panels because the sky is less clear than in central/southern Italy where a monocrystalline may be sufficient to produce enough energy to cover consumption.

Types of thin film photovoltaic panels

Not all types of photovoltaic panels are made of silicon. Thin-film panels consist, for example, of a mix of copper, indium, gallium and selenium or cadmium telluride. Their characteristic is that they have a good yield even in diffuse light conditions, or when they are not oriented exactly towards the sun, and they are able to produce more when there are high temperatures. This type of panels has an average efficiency of 15-16%, and they need more space than mono and polycrystalline panels.

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Types of hybrid photovoltaic panels

Hybrid panels , consisting of monocrystalline silicon and thin film, represent another type of photovoltaic panels on the market. They have small dimensions compare to the standard module, but they are among the most powerful panels made so far. Thus Sungevity focuses on Panasonic panels . Thanks to their HIT (heterojunction cell) technology, they absorb more energy even in non-ideal light conditions and have been shown to have a high rate power, equal to 325-330 Wp.

Types of red photovoltaic panels

The red photovoltaic modules are types of photovoltaic panels of the polycrystalline type, produced with colored cells suitable for areas subject to architectural and landscape constraints . This color is easily confuse with facades, shelters, and tiles, having the possibility of being install even in historic centres. Its maximum power can reach 310 Wp. The disadvantage of this type of panel is that it is much more expensive than a blue polycrystalline and therefore the investment is not cheaper.

Other types of photovoltaic panels

There are further types of photovoltaic panels which are extremely innovative, and have different and additional functions, but are not yet widespread and above all certified. For example, there are panels on the market that rotate with the sun, photovoltaic panels that you can plug into your home socket to have a little extra energy. Other types based on the standard panel structure are glass-glass photovoltaic panels, with the difference that the backplate, instead of being plastic, is glass. Glass-Glass PV panels degrade less in power than standard panels, but are much more expensive than standard poly or monocrystalline PV panels.

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Overview of all types of photovoltaic panels

The following table offers a complete overview of the types of photovoltaic panels that are currently on the Italian market. The traditional panels, poly and monocrystalline, have already been test over the years, while the recently built ones are still in the testing phase. By choosing the standard ones, you opt for proven effectiveness and quality.By investing in Best Solar Panel company in Pakistan you know for sure that you are making the most logical and economical choice, and you know that they will last you for the next 25 years. That’s why Sungevity only offers proven types of solar panels.

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