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Understanding the top benefits of a UV water purification system

by The Custom Boxes

UV water disinfection systems are very effective are destroying disease-causing microorganisms. The UVC light emits powerful energy that breaks down the DNA of the disease-causing microorganisms as a knife breaks through butter. While UV treatment is used in industrial processes such as marine, petrochemical, aquaculture and shipping, it uses no chemicals. This is one of the reasons why it is also used in applications where disinfecting with chlorine can’t be applied. Here are some of the top benefits of UV purification systems.

Removes 99.9% of harmful microorganisms

As long as the system is sized properly, it is capable of eliminating 99.9% of the microorganisms in the water being treated including pathogenic bacteria and viruses. A good example of such a virus is Coronavirus which UV light effectively destroys.

There are no chemicals involved

UV water purification requires no biocides or chlorine and this makes it a great substitute where chemicals can’t be used, like in fish farms and breweries. When no chemicals are used, it means that the purified water is safer and the purification plants are also safer for the employees. It also means fewer ongoing costs of supplies.

No internally moving parts

A lot of water purification and treatment systems have internal moving parts. The moving parts experience wear and tear and this increases the maintenance costs. A UV water system has no moving parts. It is a self-contained system that has a replaceable lamp.

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The flexible intensity of UV rays

One of the most common misconceptions of UV water purification is that you need a bigger system if you want to treat more water at a higher quality. However, this is just a myth and it is not true. You need the right disinfection dose which is usually determined by the intensity of UV and not the size of the system. The size of the system determines the rate of flow.

Compact systems are available for tight spaces

UV water disinfection technology is non-intrusive and compact. It can be retrofitted to the existing water treatment systems. The system can be designed to take up no floor space on a wall. It can also be big enough to process enough water.

Disinfects water efficiently

With a strong source of UV light and permeation, a UV water purification system disinfects water with great efficiency. It is possible to disinfect water in just one cycle and this increases throughput and the volume of water being treated.

Doesn’t affect the taste or colour of the water

UV treatment systems have no effect on the colour, pH and taste of water. It does not add anything to the water like chemical treatment. This makes it great for treating potable water.

Removes a wide range of contaminants

UV water disinfection systems are effective in removing a wide range of organic contaminants.  destroys viruses, bacteria and other microorganisms. It can also de-ozonate and de-chlorinate water. you can also aid in the removal of urea and Toc to make pure water which is treated to a high level.

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