VW recalls Taos for issue that could cause fuel pump to break



The Volkswagen Taos debuted last year as the brand’s smallest crossover. It’s also a popular model for the automaker, moving thousands of units in its first year on sale. A sizable number of them are due in for a recall, however, as their in-tank fuel delivery module (fuel pump) might break during operation and could lead to a loss of power.

Volkswagen is recalling 15,874 Taos crossovers from model year 2022. The documentation notes that the fuel delivery module may break while the vehicle is in operation and could lead to a loss of engine power in rare cases. The module can get stuck if foreign material obstructs it or the impeller is deformed or improperly positioned. The good news is that this issue does not cause a fuel leak, which could make the problem much more dangerous.

If there’s an issue with the module, the EPC warning light will illuminate, and there may also be a check engine light. There are no stop-sale warnings or advisories not to drive the Taos, but it’s best not to ignore these trouble lights if they illuminate.

The issue came to light in December last year with reports of stalling, and it didn’t take long for VW to nail down the fuel pump as the culprit. Unlike VW’s other recent recalls, the automaker has a fix for this problem and said it would replace the fuel pump for free. The automaker will also reimburse expenses related to the problem.

Volkswagen recently recalled the Atlas for issues with its airbag system. It issued another recall for the ID.4 for a problem with the door assembly that could cause a door to open while the vehicle was in motion. In both cases, the automaker gave no definitive timeline or information on a fix and said it would notify owners when decisions are made.

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