What Are Square Stickers and how they are attractive?


Square stickers are a great way to promote your brand or company. They are also ideal for event branding, product inserts, and giveaways.

They come in a variety of sizes and can be printed in matte or gloss. The materials and finishes you choose can have a major impact on the overall look of your custom stickers.

Rectangle Stickers

Rectangle stickers are a great way to display your designs and messages. They’re also versatile and can be used as brand merch, campaign stickers, or even name tags.

Printed on strong, thick vinyl, these stickers are durable and scratch resistant and can last for years to come. They can be printed on one or more sides and are available in both matte and gloss finishes.

These 3.5×2 inch rectangle stickers can be used to produce sticky business cards, name tags, labels on bottles, jars and so much more. They are also utilised by food and beverage companies to manufacture labels that list ingredients, company slogans, or anything else they want their customers to know.

For this reason, they are perfect for a wide range of uses and are often the preferred choice of many people. They’re simple to customize and can be ordered in any quantity, making them a popular option for a variety of different applications.

Circle Stickers

Round stickers are a great way to add a personal touch to your items. They can be used for things like labeling storage containers or scrapbooking. They also come in a wide variety of colors and designs, making them a great option for both business and personal projects.

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Printed circle stickers are great for packaging and branding because they’re flexible, easy to peel-off, stick-on, and look awesome on most types of artwork. They’re also an eye-catching way to grab the attention of your customers and prospects.

A big advantage of circle stickers is that they can be custom-sized to fit any surface or design you need. This means that you can get a sticker that’s as small as a button or as large as a dinner plate!

When ordering round stickers, you should take the time to choose the right size for your project. Using stickers in the wrong sizes can make them difficult to apply and they’ll likely not stand out as well as they should.

Square Stickers with Rounded Corners

Square stickers with rounded corners are a great option for those looking to create unique promotional items. They can be used for anything from brand awareness to product labeling and artwork reproduction. They’re also useful for app icon stickers and other similar designs that require a rounded corner shape.

Rounded corners are one of the more specific sticker designs, which makes them very useful for complex images and messages that may require precision cutting. They’re also very durable, so they can stand up to rough weather and other conditions.

We print all our custom rounded corner square stickers on thick, durable vinyl and laminate them with a premium matte finish to protect them from scratches, water & sunlight. This finish gives your custom rounded corner stickers an appealing aesthetic and ensures they’re long-lasting. We also email you a mock-up of your order after checkout, so you can make any changes until you’re happy with the results.

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Square Stickers with Flat Corners

Square stickers are a great way to fit a lot on a small surface. These are ideal for displaying QR codes, barcodes, or even a company logo. They also look great hung on a door or fridge, and are a fun addition to an office drawer or cupboard.

Printed in high quality gloss or matte vinyl, our square stickers are bubble free and easy to apply, without leaving behind any stray residue on your surfaces. We’re especially proud of our Peel-O-Matic sticker liners, which are designed to make your job that little bit easier.

What’s the Biggest Sticker in the World?

You have probably already noticed that we have a big sticker selection, including all the major shapes, sizes and styles. We’re sure you’ll find the perfect product for your business, brand, or event. Get in touch today to see how we can help! Our friendly customer service and design team will be on hand to answer your questions.

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