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Farming Genshin Impact’s Nymph’s Dream Artifacts is an excellent choice for players who use Hydro characters as damage dealers, as its main focus is boosting that elemental damage and giving DPS characters an increase in their damage output. Nymph’s Dream is a new Artifact set added with Version 3.6. The update is quite large and saw the addition of the Vourukasha’s Glow Artifact set.

With the update, new enemy types in Genshin Impact were also added, as well as two new areas in the Sumeru region. The game is also getting Baizhu and Kaveh as playable characters starting with Phase 2 of the banner runs in Version 3.6. However, farming for Genshin Impact’s Nymph’s Dream Artifacts is already possible, as the Domain in which the pieces drop is available for unlocking and challenging.

Nymph’s Dream Artifact Farming Location

Genshin Impact's Yelan standing in the desert, looking toward the Molten Iron Fortress Domain in the distance. In the lower right is the Genshin Impact logo.

Genshin Impact’s Nymph’s Dream Artifacts are obtainable from the Molten Iron Fortress Domain in the new Sumeru area, Gavireh Lajavard. This is the only Domain added with Version 3.6, which is the same one that drops Vourukasha’s Glow Artifacts.

Getting to the location is extremely easy, as it is not hidden underground and is fairly visible from the path that leads into the area toward Gavireh Lajavard’s Statue of the Seven.

Once players see Molten Iron Fortress, they need only interact with it to unlock it. From that point on, players can teleport straight to it to farm Nymph’s Dream Artifacts. Unfortunately, the pieces of the Hydro boosting Artifact set are not a guaranteed drop within the Domain. Additionally, the stats they come with are random so players may spend a considerable time farming for Nymph’s Dream pieces with the best stats for their characters.

How To Farm Nymph’s Dream Artifacts

Genshin Impact's Hydro Hilichurl Rogue commands three Hydro Slimes to attack while it holds its scythe. It is in the Sumeru desert and there is a Hilichurl camp behind it.

To farm Nymph’s Dream Artifacts, players must complete the Molten Iron Fortress Domain. Unfortunately, this is not a very hard Domain to complete. There are four difficulty levels, and even the hardest one, at level 90, is not exactly much of a challenge – it sees players face a wave of two Mitachurls and then a wave of a Hydro Hilichurl Rogue and an Anemo Hilichurl Rogue.

On top of that, the two hardest difficulties have a Ley Line bonus that considerably helps team comps with Dendro. Whenever a Dendro reaction occurs, all party members receive a 150 Elemental Mastery boost for eight seconds. Using a strong Dendro team is the best way to farm Genshin Impact’s Nymph’s Dream Artifacts, as it should considerably increase the damage output and, therefore, the speed at which each Domain run is completed.

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