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If crime dramas are your thing, or even if they’re not just yet, keep reading to find out where to watch The Thing About Pam.

The Thing About Pam is spearheaded by two-time Academy Award winner Renée Zellweger in her first network television feature and is based on a chilling event. If you love sinking your teeth into crime dramas that are filled with lies, murder, and peculiar people, The Thing About Pam will be right up your street.

You can watch The Thing About Pam now on Amazon Prime video — and you really, really should if you’re ready for some quality entertainment.


Watch The Thing About Pam on Amazon Prime Video

Is The Thing About Pam Based On a Real Murder?

The Thing About Pam

It is indeed. The show is based on the 2011 murder case of Betsy Faria. Betsy had been suffering from cancer throughout the last few years of her life and was found dead in her Missouri home in December 2011.

The police initially turned to Betsy’s husband Russ, arrested him on suspicion of murder, and took him in for questioning. Eventually, there were two charges aimed against Russ, first-degree murder and armed criminal action. It’s fair to say he was the main suspect in his wife’s murder case.

However, Russ had a plethora of alibis on the night of the murder, as well as a time-stamped receipt from Arby’s. The prosecutors ended up floundering as their strongest piece of evidence was Russ’s blood-soaked slippers that were found in his house. This allegation was soon proven fruitless, as his slippers had not moved from where they were usually kept and there was no blood on the soles, proving he wasn’t there at the scene of the murder.

With all of this evidence in his favor, the jury still found Russ guilty, and he was convicted of all charges and given life in prison.

A few years later, Russ was given a lifeline. The case was brought back to a retrial, and he was proven innocent after newly found evidence was presented to the Jury. This kicked off a myriad of events that eventually led Pam Hupp to court as the main suspect in the Betsy Faria murder case. Without giving too much away, there was a series of questionable events that placed Hupp at the center of the murder.

Who’s In The Thing About Pam?The Thing About Pam Judy Greer

As mentioned, Renée Zellweger will portray the series’ main antagonist, Pam Hupp. Zellweger is also the show’s executive producer. We think it’s fair to say that Hupp is quite a peculiar character and Zellweger plays the accused murderer with real rigor.

Josh Duhamel plays a big part in the series as he portrays Joel Schwartz. Schwartz is the defense attorney for Betsy’s husband Russ, who is played by Glenn Fleshler. Schwartz and Russ seem to be the few people who can see through Hupp’s masquerade as her slight quirks and surface-level normality make people doubt she could be capable of murder.

The cast is completed by Katy Mixon, who plays Betsy Faria, Judy Greer, who stars as Leah Askey, the prosecuting lawyer, and Mac Brandt as Detective McCarrick.

Where to Watch The Thing About Pam

The Thing About Pam Renée Zellweger

You can stream The Thing About Pam now on Amazon Prime. Although the show is not available to stream for free with an Amazon Prime membership, you can purchase each episode individually or just start watching with some ads to give it a try.

If you want to watch all six episodes, you can purchase the entire show for a bundle price.

Each episode is around 43 minutes long and is rated 16+. There are English subtitles available for those who may need or want them.

Watch The Thing About Pam on Amazon Prime Video


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