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The voice of Bones in Monster House belongs to a familiar actor with plenty of other well-known movie and TV roles. Essentially a horror movie for kids, Monster House lives up to its name with genuine scares for its young audience. It revolves around three kids who learn that their creepy neighbor’s house is a living, breathing, monstrous entity. The film’s all-star voice cast includes such renowned actors as Steve Buscemi, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Kevin James, Kathleen Turner, and Jon Heder. There’s also a famous face in the role of Zee’s obnoxious boyfriend, Bones.


Bones might not be a major character in Monster House, but he serves an integral role in the plot. He’s the one who delivers all the key exposition about Horace Nebbercracker’s haunted house and the disturbing rumor that he ate his wife, setting up the conflict of the movie. Bones is also one of the earliest on-screen victims of the eponymous house. When Zee kicks Bones out, he spots his kite on Nebbercracker’s lawn, tries to retrieve it, and gets swallowed up by the house. What makes Bones a particularly memorable character is his recognizable voice.

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Bones Is Voiced By Jason Lee In Monster House

Bones looking spooky in Monster House

The voice of Bones in Monster House is provided by pro-skateboarder-turned-actor Jason Lee. Unlike most of the other characters in the Monster House cast, such as the frightened DJ and the misunderstood Nebbercracker, Bones is a jerk with no redeeming qualities. He cares more about his “awesome kite” than his girlfriend’s feelings. He’s indifferent to Zee, mean to her brother, and completely self-obsessed. Lee is often a warm and affable screen presence, but with his Monster House role as Bones, he seized the opportunity to play against type and leaned into the character’s unabashed unpleasantness.

Lee Is Best Known As The Title Character From My Name Is Earl

Earl looking confused in My Name is Earl

Jason Lee is best known for playing the great mustached TV character Earl Hickey, a reformed criminal who creates a list of wrongs to right, on the cult classic comedy series My Name is Earl. Unlike Bones, Earl has seen the error of his ways and, based on a strong belief in the power of karma, he’s committed to making amends for the mistakes from his past. Lee is also known for playing Stillwater vocalist Jeff Bebe in the film Almost Famous and Dave Seville in the live-action Alvin and the Chipmunks movies.

Bones in Monster House isn’t the only animated villain role that Lee has played. He also voiced the bratty supervillain Syndrome in Pixar’s The Incredibles. Syndrome’s ego and self-centered attitude are similar to Bones, but he’s much more powerful. Lee’s portrayal of Bones is closer to the brash, loudmouthed comic persona he developed for roles in Kevin Smith films, such as slacker Brodie Bruce in the underrated Mallrats and tortured inker Banky Edwards in Chasing Amy. Bones is a much harsher version of this familiar archetype; he’s a lot nastier than Brodie or Banky.


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