Why Game Of Thrones’ Dunk & Egg Spinoff Has A Lengthy Title Explained By GRRM



George R.R. Martin, creator of Game of Thrones, reveals why the latest upcoming spinoff has such a long title. After the immense success of Game of Thrones, Martin is helping HBO expand the world of Westeros with multiple spinoffs. The success of the first, House of the Dragon, has shown that despite a disappointing finale from Game of Thrones, there is still much interest in Martin’s fantasy world. Along with a prequel about Aegon the Conqueror, HBO is developing a Jon Snow sequel show, and a spinoff adapting Martin’s Dunk and Egg novellas was just officially announced.


The Dunk and Egg spinoff has been titled A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms: The Hedge Knight, and Martin took to his blog, Not A Blog, to explain the lengthy name. The writer clarifies that it may change, but it won’t be called Dunk and Egg despite silly fan reactions to the Game of Thrones spinoff title. Read Martin’s full explanation below:

The working title will be A KNIGHT OF THE SEVEN KINGDOMS: THE HEDGE KNIGHT. Whether that will be the final title, I can’t say for sure… beyond saying that no, it won’t be called TALES OF DUNK & EGG or THE ADVENTURES OF DUNK & EGG or DUNK & EGG or anything along those lines. I love Dunk and I love Egg, and I know that fans refer to my novellas as “the Dunk & Egg stories,” sure, but there are millions of people out there who do not know the stories and the title needs to intrigue them too. If you don’t know the characters, DUNK & EGG sounds like a sitcom. LAVERNE & SHIRLEY. ABBOTT & COSTELLO. BEAVIS & BUTTHEAD. So, no. We want “knight” in the title. Knighthood and chivalry are central to the themes of these stories.

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How Dunk & Egg Fills In The Gaps Of Game Of Thrones Lore

Dunk and Egg sitting in a field.

While Game of Thrones and House of the Dragon both focus on great wars of Westeros, the upcoming spinoff will show the Seven Kingdoms on a smaller scale. The Dunk and Egg novellas take place during a relatively peaceful time, and the show will focus primarily on the two titular characters and the journey of being a knight in Westeros. Without significant historical events taking place, the story can focus on Dunk and Egg’s journeys, and what life in Westeros looks like when there isn’t a war, something that the previous series haven’t shown much of.

Coming after House of the Dragon within the timeline, The Hedge Knight will take place roughly a century before Game of Thrones, and it’ll likely connect the two tales, showing what happens in the years between. Egg is also revealed to have some ties to a prominent Westeros family, which could mean The Hedge Knight will feature some major set-up for Game of Thrones. This could provide the opportunity for some key cameos.

While the many spinoffs of Game of Thrones will cover plenty of lore, Dunk and Egg’s tales take place in between the most significant events in Westeros history. A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms: The Hedge Knight‘s place in the Westeros timeline allows it to perfectly show how the stories connect, filling in the gaps between Game of Thrones and House of The Dragon.

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