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why is the cloud symbol next to my apps 

by Aron Walter

Sometimes we see cloud icons pop up on our androids and we wonder what they are and why they are there. 

It might interest you to know that this icon does not represent the weather or the clouds up in the sky, but rather is an indication that such an app is using and/or storing data in the cloud. 

Furthermore, the cloud icon could also be an indication that photo data on your devices are not being synchronised. 

A blue cloud indicates that the photo data is only available online, not in the device.here fore this will not take up storage space on the device and will not also be downloaded if you do not have an internet connection. 

However, if it shows a cloud with two arrows, then it shows that the sync is not in motion.

What is Cloud Storage?

Mobile cloud storage stems from Mobile Cloud Computing. Through mobile cloud computing, applications are easily delivered to mobile devices by using adaptable and developmental tools. 

Cloud services can be used to easily create or modify mobile cloud applications. In mobile cloud computing, the device basically runs on Cloud based Web Apps and therefore it is different from mobile computing which is associated with native apps. 

The Cloud based Web Apps can be sent to a wide variety of gadgets with various operating systems, computer capabilities, and data storage. With these, the users will be able to access programs that would otherwise not be supported. 

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Mobile cloud storage is a type of cloud storage. It is usually made available on devices such as smartphones, laptops and tablets. 

This form of storage helps allow the user to store things such as music, movies, pictures, file documents etc With this storage form you can create and organise folders on cloud without having them stored directly on your phone.

And it can be easily accessed by you on any device of your choice. What’s more to say, Cloud storage so far has been the most convenient and sufficient method of storing data online.

Compared to conventional, locally-stored softwares, cloud-based apps or softwares,  can be more dependable and effective, and they frequently provide more functionality and storage space.

On Android, the term “cloud” refers to several Google services that let users store data online and access it from any device. Gmail, Google Drive, and other services are included in this.

How do I Turn Off the Cloud on my Android Phone?

To turn off the cloud symbol on your android device, there are certain steps you should take.  

Step 1: Log in with your Google account on the device in order to sync settings, get notifications, status updates, and more.

Step 2: When you are done signing in, Activate the “Cloud” application by going to the “Apps” screen.

You may be able to either decide to turn it off or command it to terminate automatically depending on your phone and its settings.

What are some Available Cloud Services for Androids

Samsung Cloud

Maintaining a backup of everything is simple with the Samsung Cloud. In the event that your phone malfunctions, you may still recover all of your data and settings thanks to this feature.

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On a samsung phone, most of your notifications are being sent to your samsung cloud. However this action can be disabled in easy steps. 

Step 1: Go to Settings

Step 2: Next go to “Accounts and Backup”

Step 3: Then,select “Samsung Cloud”. You can now select the options to disable notifications in the cloud. 

If by any means you feel like you wanna re-enable the notification backup on cloud, then, you should still follow the earlier stated steps to enable the cloud backup back on. 

It is noteworthy to mention that Samsung Cloud starts you off with 15GB storage space for free, however this can be upgraded to more if the space is not enough for you.  

Google Drive

Just like the Samsung cloud, Google drive gives you 15GB free online storage. Also if you feel like the 15gb isn’t enough, there is always the option of upgrading to 100GB for £1.59, 1TB for £7.99, or 10TB for £79.99 all per month. 

WIth these you can view your files and documents from anywhere across the globe as long as you have a device and an internet connection. Without the need for emails, you can communicate and invite others to view, download, and edit instantaneously.

Microsoft OneDrive

Microsoft OneDrive allows you to back up, share, and save a ton of information, including documents, movies, and images, anywhere and on any device. You may select from many storage levels, just as with other cloud services. 

From OneDrive Basic 5GB, which offers 5GB of free storage, there are many options. OneDrive premium features are also included with Office 365 Home. 

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These premium features cost £79.99 a year, or £7.99 per month, and include 5TB of storage. Additionally, five PCs, five tablets, and five phones will all have Microsoft Office 365 instals.

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I hope this article has satisfied your curiosity. Do let us know in the comment section if you have any inquiry. Also share this if you find it helpful.