Why Nurys Should Return For A Future Season Of The Challenge



Nurys Mateo has officially been eliminated from The Challenge: Ride or Dies, but she should return for a future season. Nurys previously competed on Are You The One? and Ex On The Beach, before making her rookie debut on The Challenge. She entered the game with a fellow contestant from Are You The One?, Nelson Thomas, her designated ride-or-die. With Nurys as a partner, Nelson saw massive success, compared to his performance in previous seasons. He even broke his streak of losing daily challenges, which had lasted for several seasons. Unfortunately, Nurys was eliminated on episode 11, and Nelson followed shortly after, during episode 12.


On a season that many fans are calling “boring”, Nurys stood out as a fan favorite among the rookies, thanks to her distinct personality and involvement in house drama. Considering The Challenge is losing viewers, notable personalities like Nurys have the potential to keep the show alive. After openly flirting with Jordan Wiseley, Nurys encountered conflict with Jordan’s ex-fiancee, Tori Deal. Despite the drama, Nurys opened up on Johnny Bananas’s podcast, Death, Taxes, and Bananas, to clear the air and confirm that she and Tori had made amends. The drama definitely got noticed, and Nurys was the more sympathetic figure.

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Nurys Is One Of The Best The Challenge Rookies In Years

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Ride or Dies is officially over, but Nurys should return for future seasons of The Challenge. She could show off her individual strengths, and start her social game on a new footing. Despite being eliminated before the final, fans regard Nurys as one of the strongest rookies of the past few seasons. She and Nelson seemed to have a good shot at winning The Challenge, and in future seasons, the stars may align in Nurys’s favor, bringing her to a final where she can showcase her skills. Rookies who perform well in their debut seasons usually get invited back, and fans would likely be thrilled to see Nurys again.

The Challenge’s Nurys Should Get A Chance To Compete Alone

Nurys & Nelson on The Challenge

Although Nurys performed well with Nelson as a partner, she should get the chance to show off her individual skills on a season that isn’t structured around partners. She proved to be a well-rounded competitor with a variety of strengths. After 54 consecutive dailies without a win, Nelson finally broke the streak, and won two during Ride or Dies. He accomplished this with the help of Nurys’s endurance, puzzle-solving, and strategic skills. Free of the Ride or Die format in future Challenge seasons, Nurys could utilize her skills to earn individual wins, proving her capabilities. She could potentially become a Challenge champ one day. Without a partner or team, Nurys would also be free to strategize based on her game, rather than anyone else’s.

Nurys could definitely benefit from another chance. After all, she entered this season in a complicated relationship with Johnny Middlebrooks, which quickly caused problems with Johnny’s partner, Rayvn Rochelle. After that drama was resolved, the conflict between Jordan and Tori began. In a new season, Nurys could operate her social game without being stuck in the middle of “showmances.” She could focus solely on winning, as long as Jordan and Tori’s conflict is resolved moving forward. Every competitor on The Challenge deserves a chance to try again, and Nurys’s stellar performance should earn her an opportunity in future seasons.

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