10 Great Eco-Friendly Soap Packaging Ideas to Help You Stand Out


You’ve put your effort into making the perfect handmade soap. What’s next?

You need something to pack your soaps perfectly. This is essential to improve the appearance of your soaps to get more sales and improve your customer base.

People prefer handmade soaps over commercial soaps because of their ecological benefits. So, when choosing custom boxes for soaps, you must choose a sustainable option. This will help you win the market with your soaps.

If you are looking for eco-friendly soap packaging, this article will significantly help you. Here are ten excellent eco-friendly homemade soap packaging ideas to help create the perfect packaging for your handmade soaps. So let’s get started.

What Is Eco-Friendly?

Before starting with eco-friendly soap packaging ideas, let’s check out what eco-friendly means. Everyone has their definition of the term eco-friendly. Well, if we stick to the definition that Merriam-Webster provides, eco-friendly is something that is “not environmentally harmful.”

By definition, anything that doesn’t harm the environment is eco-friendly. So there are some excellent paperboard options to create eco-friendly soap packaging boxes.

So let’s move on to our homemade soap packaging ideas to make your soaps stand out.

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Eco-friendly Soap Packaging Ideas:

Here are our excellent handmade soap packaging ideas to help you stand out from the competition. So without further ado, let’s get started.

Ideas Based On Material Choices:

  • Kraft Soap Packaging Boxes:

Using Kraft paper is an excellent choice for your eco-friendly soap packaging. Kraft is a durable material made from wood pulp. It is completely biodegradable, meaning that it doesn’t pollute the environment.

You can count on kraft for biodegradable soap packaging. If you have a minimalistic box in mind, kraft is the best option for you. The natural rustic look that kraft provides makes your packaging look perfect. Keep it simple and win the market.

  • Cardboard Soap Boxes:

If you plan to use high-end printing on your packaging boxes, cardboard is an excellent choice. Cardboard allows you to print high-end graphic images on its surface easily. The smooth surface of cardboard also provides a premium feel.

The cardboard is also eco-friendly. It can be recycled rather than polluting the environment. The flexibility and sustainability of cardboard are, why it is so famous for product packaging. So considering it for your soap packaging boxes can be an excellent idea.

Ideas Based On Box Style:

  • Soap Boxes with Die-cut Windows:

An excellent idea for your eco-friendly soap packaging boxes is to add a die-cut window for a little sneak peek inside. No matter what material you choose, you can always add a die-cut window to showcase your soaps in the best light. This improves the look of your product and helps win the customer’s trust. So using a die-cut window is an excellent idea.

  • Soap Sleeve Boxes:
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Another great idea for your soap packaging is using sleeve boxes. These boxes feature a very premium opening and closing style. This allows you to present your product perfectly. A simple soap sleeve can increase the look and feel of your product and ultimately help you to win more customers.

  • Tuck-end Soap Boxes:

Tuck-end boxes are a simple yet excellent way to improve the appearance of your handmade soap bars. This superb style is widely used and is still quite popular among consumers. So you easily improve your customer base with this soap packaging style.

Ideas Based On Box Shape:

  • Square Soap Boxes:

If you want a packaging box with a great shape, square soap boxes are an excellent choice. Well-designed square soap boxes can be the best way to present your products to potential customers. Add a flip-top to your square boxes, and you are ready to attract more people.

  • Soap Bar Boxes:

A rectangular soap packaging box would be an excellent choice to pack your soap bars. Custom-printed rectangular soap bar boxes can help you create an attractive look for your product. Create these boxes vertically straight and print essential details to improve your sales. Businesses also use custom boxes with logos for their branding.

  1. Hexagonal Soap Boxes:

Another unique addition to our list of eco-friendly soap packaging ideas is hexagonal soap boxes. They provide a mesmerizing look to your handmade soaps and help improve sales. Use attractive colors to decorate your hexagonal soap boxes and win the market.

Ideas Based On Usage:

  • Rigid Soap Gift Boxes:

If you are looking for soap boxes to pack gifts, rigid boxes are an excellent idea. They are made from high-quality paperboard and offer a premium feel. Mix rigid paperboard with a superb box style, such as a two-piece or a flip-top box style, to create an attractive gift box.

  • Soap Boxes with Inserts:

If you plan to create soap boxes to stack multiple items together to make a bundle pack, soap boxes with inserts would be an excellent idea. Inserts are a great way to ensure that your soaps stay in their dedicated spaces without bumping into each other. In addition, using these boxes ensures that your customers receive the products in mint condition. So this is an excellent idea for your soap packaging.

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These were our homemade soap packaging ideas to help you improve your business. Paperboard boxes are the best way to ensure that your packaging is eco-friendly. We have mentioned some great ideas based on material, style, shape, and usage.

We will add more ideas here to help you get better results. If you have an excellent idea in mind, share it with us so we can add it here. Also, get your boxes custom-made by the best custom box manufacturer in the US for the best results.

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