6 Packaging Insert Ideas That Are Making Waves!


You might be wondering about what packaging inserts are. Well, these are additional items that are added to the customer’s parcels before handing them their orders. Packaging inserts help to generate goodwill and develop a strong relationship with the buyers. 

Now, you might think about how to add packaging inserts to your customers’ packages. With us by your side, you don’t need to worry!

In this blog, we will exclusively cover trendy packaging insert ideas. So that you can upgrade your packaging game and bring more customers to your brand without any further delay, let’s get into it! 

Trendy Ways To Utilize Packaging Inserts

There are multiple ways to utilize inserts inside the boxes. Here we have put together the most utilized and trendier ones to delight your valuable audience.

  • Thank You Cards

Thank you cards are a simple yet effective insert option to be included in the parcel. By showing gratitude via thank you cards, you are taking a big step towards developing customer relationships. It’s a great way to let people talk about your brand positively while allowing them to connect with you anytime they want. While personalizing cards, you can also include handwritten notes as inserts. It will impress the customers, and they will definitely remember your brand for longer!

  • Discount Offers

Who doesn’t love discounts? Whenever we go shopping, most people first visit those stores offering deals or discounts. Right? So, why not include box inserts for packaging with discount offers? There are many ways you can use this insert to make your customers come back for more.

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For instance, you can attract them by saying that you will get free shipping on your next order. Or, you will get 20% off on your next purchase with us. These strategies will not only excite them but will also turn them into life-long clients. 

  • Referral Cards

Are you struggling as a small business start-up to attract new customers? If so, use referral cards today! 

How does the referral scheme work? This process is simple. What you have to do is offer rewards to your customers after they refer your brand to their friends, and friends make a purchase too. Rewards can be anything from discounts to gifts. The referral cardboard inserts for packaging work ideally for bringing a new potential audience to your merchandise.

custom packaging inserts

  • Product Review Cards

There is a lot of room for you when it comes to using product review insert cards. As soon as the buyer leaves your store, you can place a product review insert card into their package. It would be the ideal time to take their feedback.   

How to make the most out of product review insert cards?

Tell the audience about your social media platforms. Include the instructions and tell them where to leave the feedback. 

You can ask them to use specific hashtags and mention you in their posts after purchasing from you. It will boost your brand’s awareness in your target market.

Moreover, you can also encourage them via cardboard Packaging Insert Ideas to go on your website and sign up for the email list. Or ask them to follow you on your social media platforms so that you can make your presence even more strong.

  • Product Samples

Product sample inserts are, undoubtedly, the most effective way to get customers familiar with your newly launched items. 

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Whenever a new product launches in the market, many people hesitate to try it out in the first place. So, you can include samples of those products with the customer’s orders. It will help you introduce them to your other items on the shelves. And if they would like it, they will surely come to buy it in the near future!

Product samples are not only lightweight. But they also offer a great way to showcase your brand’s new launches in front of your visitors. 

  • Valuable Gifts

Wouldn’t you feel excited if you got gifts along with your purchase? Absolutely, you will!

Gifts are those precious items that everyone cherishes, and what could be more beautiful than receiving an unexpected gift? It will surprise you and convince you to make another purchase. 

Likewise, if your brand makes efforts to include gifts in the parcels, it will make the customers feel extraordinarily special. The gift corrugated packaging inserts you include should be light in weight. Plus, their size should not be bigger than the buyer’s original purchase. This strategy will work effectively to earn the trust of your audience. 

While offering gifts, ensure that the gift is relevant to your company. This will enable your audience to develop a strong connection with your brand. Also, include a note explaining what the gift is about. You don’t want your customers to get lost and think they have received the wrong order!

Go trendy when including gifts. For instance, if your audience is children, you can add toys in the form of their favorite movie characters. Like, nowadays, people are watching the movie “Troll.” So, you can include small dummies of movie characters in the custom packaging. It will really excite your audience and convince them to purchase from you!

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Concluding Remarks!

We hope this blog was helpful to you. It’s up to you which ideas you want to opt for to provide additional value to your buyers. The concept of including packaging inserts into the orders of buyers is incredibly useful in attracting new customers. Besides this, after getting a premium experience, the buyers will also refer your brand to their friends and family. Among numerous packaging insert ideas, go for the one that can have the maximum positive impact on your sales and marketing!

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