1,000-lb Sisters Fans are Suddenly Very Suspicious of Tammy Slaton’s New Husband



Tammy Slaton has gone on record numerous times:

She is absolutely thrilled to be married.

“It’s the best thing that’s ever happened to me,” Tammy recently told E! News of exchanging vows with Caleb Willingham just about three months ago. “God truly blessed me.”

Here’s the thing, though…

Wow, huh?!? Tammy Slaton lost so much weight during her many months spent in rehab!

Some TLC viewers think God may have cursed her instead.

Okay, fine. They didn’t say those words exactly.

But this past Tuesday’s episode of 1,000-lb Sisters featured some content that prompted serious concern from fans — now that they comprehend the lengths Caleb apparently went to in order to meet Slaton.

It sure does sound a bit sketchy.

Caleb and Tammy, you see, started talking online before they ever met; before the former was ever a patient at the same Ohio rehab facility as Slaton.

“Wait, you looked at her social media and then you came here,” Tammy’s friend, Daniel, said to Caleb on the installment, asking as a follow-up:

“What do they call that? Stalker vibes.”

Caleb mostly shrugged off the accusation on air, simply replying: “I don’t stalk, I do research.”

Tammy wasn’t really bothered by the notion that her new spouse researched her and only then decided to check in to the facility where they met face-to-face.

“I think he just flirted with me. Might be a tad bit stalker-ish. But I ain’t mad at him,” Slaton said via confessional.

Just a few weeks after their in-person introduction, Caleb proposed to Tammy.

She said yes and the two got married in November.

Wow, huh?!?! It’s a brand new Tammy Slaton, as the reality star has clearly dropped a great deal of weight.

“You all knew me as Tammy Slaton, but now you’ll all know me as Mrs. Tammy Willingham,” Tammy told People Magazine after the ceremony, proudly declaring:

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“I’m married now!”

“It was the best day of our lives,” Tammy reiterated later to E! of the wedding, which will play out for TLC’s cameras later on 1000-Lb Sisters Season 4.

“There was so much love in the room. I’m thankful that so many family members and our family from the rehab were able to come.”

See that fella lurking behind Tammy Slaton in this photo? That’s her husband, folks!

In the wake of Caleb’s admission this week, many fans think he may be in this relationship for the wrong reasons.

“He gives controlling, manipulative vibes. Like the kind of guy who will try to isolate her. Hope I’m wrong,” one social media user wrote, while another added:

“I mean, the issue is he specifically stalked her out on social media and likely came with the intention of being on the show. it’s not genuine.”

A third posted: “The man had the audacity to stalk her social media and convince her to marry him within 3 weeks by love bombing her.”

“Yea, he’s coming on waaaay too strong,” yet another user agreed.



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