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1000-lb Sisters stars Amy Slaton and Tammy Slaton are sisters who have spent the last several years of their lives working hard to lose weight, and there are pictures that show Amy and Tammy’s progress. Amy, who has been dealing with the drama of her impending divorce from soon-to-be ex-husband Michael Halterman, had weight loss surgery in 2019. Tammy, who recently married Caleb Willingham, is now getting used to living in Kentucky again. She had her own weight loss surgery in late 2022. The sisters are dealing with a lot while fighting to stay healthy, and their journey has been fascinating to see.

While Amy had surgery in 2019, losing weight took time, as she was derailed by two pregnancies through the years. Amy and Michael’s first son Gage was born in late 2020, while their second son Glenn was born in mid-2022. With Amy struggling to successfully parent her two sons, and make her own health a priority, it is great that she’s been looking and feeling good since her bariatric surgery. Over the last few years, Tammy has dealt with mental and physical issues linked with her weight. Since she did have weight loss surgery in 2022, Tammy is making strides, and hitting her goals.



6 Amy Slaton Shows Off A Slimmer Figure In A Rare Full-Body Photo

After the news of Amy’s impending divorce from Michael became public, the mother of two posted a few new photos of herself on Instagram. One of the photos showed off a considerably slimmer figure that her fans couldn’t help but notice. Amy, who is not known for showing full-body photos of herself online, posted a photo in a black dress. Though she is turned to the side, the 1000-lb Sisters star is thinner in a way that is difficult to miss. Her face and body both look much slimmer than they did before, and in the photo, she is smiling happily for the camera.

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While Amy has been quiet on social media since the news of her divorce became public, the photo shows a brand-new side of the TLC star, which fans haven’t seen before. A single mother of two boys, Amy has her life on display, and Amy has never really embraced social media without a partner in the picture. It is clear that she is enjoying her new life, and celebrating her sleeker figure.

5 Tammy Slaton Shows Fans A Slimmer Face In Close-Up Photos

Tammy has been dealing with weight issues for the majority of her life, but they came to a head in late 2021, when she suffered a medical emergency which included a near-death experience. The problems she was dealing with led her to stay at a weight loss rehab facility, after she was cleared to leave the hospital. While she worked to lose weight in rehab, Tammy had a few major life changes, including her marriage to Caleb, which was a surprise to her friends and family. After Tammy finally reached her goal weight, and was able to qualify for weight loss surgery, her family did their best to support her.

With Tammy now back in Kentucky post-weight loss surgery, things have changed again for the newlywed. She posted photos to her Instagram page, showing off her slimmed-down face. Some photos show her smiling, and a few display a more serious expression. Tammy has done her best to continue shedding pounds, and shares some facts about her progress online.

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4 Amy Posts A Series Of Photos That Show Results

Amy, who is careful about how she flaunts her body online, posted a series of photos in 2022, which celebrate her sons. The mother of two posted pictures with her boys, and one features her full body, as she cuddles with her children. The 1000-lb Sisters star clearly loves snuggling her sons, and what the picture also shows is that her body has changed over time. With her noticeably slimmer figure at the forefront of the photo, Amy’s followers were able to see the progress that she’d made over the years.

Though the photo is somewhat different than a standard weight loss “before” picture, it still provides an update to those who are curious about Amy’s weight loss. With her body on full display, it’s clear that Amy is quite svelte compared to her initial weigh-in years ago. During an episode of 1000-lb Sisters season 4, it was revealed that through both her pregnancies, Amy had only gained (and kept on) about 10 pounds. This was a major feat for the TLC star, who has been doing her best to maintain her weight through ups and downs.

3 Tammy Slaton Shares Even More Photos Of Her Slimmer Face

Tammy posted another series of photos that showed off her face from several flattering angles, ensuring that her fans could see just how much weight she lost since her bariatric surgery. With Tammy still working to slim down post-surgery, she hasn’t shared too much (aside from pictures of her upper body) on her social media platforms. The 1000-lb Sisters star has done a good job in terms of keeping herself accountable, and striving to be the best she can.

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2 Amy Slaton Shares A Posed Full-Length Photo

Amy shared a photo of herself, Michael, their son Gage, and other family members, from an outdoor event back in 2022, showing a full body look at herself a few months after baby Glenn’s birth. While Amy is covered up in the photo, wearing a sweatshirt and sweatpants, the difference in her looks from the early episodes of 1000-lb Sisters is striking. It’s clear that Amy is still working on her weight loss, but overall, she has changed herself for the better.

1 Tammy Slaton Shares Rare Photos With Her Nephews

tammy slaton 1000 lb sisters hunched over in pink top CROPPED

While Tammy doesn’t often post photos on Instagram, and rarely posts pictures of her full body, she shared several photos in a compilation on her TikTok account. The post shows an array of shots of Tammy looking thinner than ever, with Gage and Glenn hanging out with their favorite aunt. In a few photos, 1000-lb Sisters star Tammy’s while body is shown, and while she may want to lose more weight, it’s clear that she has slimmed down considerably since her time at her rehab center.

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