Puppy unharmed after being thrown from fleeing car during LAPD chase



There are police chases on the roads and highways of Los Angeles every day, chases nearly too numerous to count, so it’s rare when one stands out. But endangering the life of a puppy? That’s a car chase that’s a bit different.

Never mind all the human lives that are endangered in one of these chases. This one had a puppy.

The Los Angeles Police Department reports that its officers on Friday afternoon were chasing a suspect in connection with a March 26 attempted murder and carjacking, which, sadly, is also a pretty common event in L.A. Somewhere along the way, as the chase wound its way through Los Angeles County, the occupants of the car decided to throw a woman’s designer handbag out the window. And in the purse was this cute mixed-breed puppy.

Why did they chuck the pup? We have no idea. We’re told it was a Michael Kors handbag (whoever he is, he apparently builds a sturdy purse.) But the cops didn’t provide an explanation for why the car’s three occupants would decide to throw a living creature overboard at speed. You’d think that would be the first question out of the arresting officer’s mouth when the car was eventually stopped in the City of Carson. Maybe the puppy was intended to divert the police? 

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Officers were able to pick up the puppy. They said he “emerged unharmed” from the incident (and the handbag). He’s with South L.A. Animal Services now, and assuming he belonged to one of these suspects, he’s likely headed for a new owner.

The main suspect, the one the cops were after, has been charged with attempted murder from the March 26 carjacking attempt. Two women in the car have been charged with evading police. No charges were noted for animal cruelty, but, as they say, the investigation is ongoing.



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