Andrew Lewis, Jenelle Evans Baby Daddy, Begs Reality Star to Let Him See His Son



Just about a month ago, Jenelle Evans celebrated some amazing personal news:

She now has full custody of her son, Jace.

Almost since he was born, the 13-year old had been residing with the former reality star’s mother, Barbara, due to his mother’s history of substance abuse and irresponsible behavior.

Now that Jenelle is in charge of her oldest, however, she’s hearing from someone both unexpected… yet also rather important to the young man’s life.

On Friday, Andrew Lewis spoke to The Sun about his lack of any kind of relationship with Jace.

And who is Andrew Lewis?

He is Jace’s father.

“Jenelle, Barbara, whoever is listening right now … just let Jace see me,” Lewis said during a rare video interview with The Sun, which was published on April 14. “Let me see Jace.”

Jenelle Evans now has custody of her teenage son. Let’s hope this goes well for both of them!

The 16 & Pregnant alum – who welcomed Jace with his high school girlfriend in August 2009 – hasn’t seen Jace since the kid was six months old.

He went on to say that his family has also been pushing him to reconnect with the teenager.

“My cousin, my nephew, my niece, my sister. You know. Just let me see Jace,” Lewis said, while his mother, Diana Lewis, who joined via telephone, added that she “[wants] to be a part of [Jace’s] life.”

“But they don’t want us to, and I don’t understand that,” she added.

“There’s problems, yeah, I’m sure. Jenelle’s had hers, Andrew’s had his. But, life goes on. Get over it. Grow up.”

Lewis claimed he has attempted to connect with Jenelle about their son over the years, but nothing has come of it.

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The mother of three – who shares son Kaiser with ex Nathan Griffith and daughter Ensley with husband David Eason – previously revealed that Andrew “signed away his custody.”

We haven’t heard his name in any relevant capacity in like a decade — and we’re a celebrity gossip site that covers all things Teen Mom.

“He never comes to see his son though he still calls and says he wants to,” Evans wrote in her 2017 memoir, Read Between the Lines. “It just never happens … I don’t know if he will ever be in his son’s life again.”

But Lewis, as you might expect, has a different take on the situation.

“Let me talk to him. Give me something. … This is no more MTV bulls–t, this is reality,” he told The Sun of Evans.

“Stop living on cloud nine and fall the f–k down to reality, ok?

“That’s where I’ve been. You have not. I’m not trying to be rude to you, I just want to let you know. Please, let me see Jace. That’s all. That’s all I ever wanted.”


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